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4 nights aboard the 90-guest Santa Cruz II, designed especially for Galápagos Islands cruising; dry and wet landings


Licensed Naturalist Guides of Galápagos National Park accompany shore excursions and hold briefings aboard ship, offering hands-on natural history lessons


Private Tauck Shore Excursions with experts, averaging two daily, for wildlife sightings and exciting activities




All gratuities to Tauck Directors, local guides, drivers, naturalists, and ship staff


On-Tour Air included (2 flights)


Your cruise may be a shared ship experience with non-Tauck guests onboard as well; all Tauck guests will be accompanied by one Tauck Director for approximately every 40 Tauck guests, and your itinerary will always be highlighted by exclusive, private Tauck shore excursions



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Mysteries of the “enchanted islands” that time forgot, a virtual wildlife wonderland... but how did the birds, reptiles and small mammals, found nowhere else on Earth, first make their way here... what is the real story behind the disappearance of the Galápagos Tortoise... how did naturalist Charles Darwin miss the pink iguana – discovered 150 years after his visit but millions of years old... Get ready to sleuth!

This eight-day family adventure takes guests to the exotic Galápagos Islands, a region rich with a variety of local wildlife, flourishing flora and on-island excursions. Sailing through the four-island system by panga and by expedition ship, Santa Cruz II, as you and your family take in the beautiful views on both land and sea. Across this island society; explore the lagoons on Baltra Island that have a variety of birds within its ecosystem including pintail ducks, flamingos and stilts. Snorkel in Santiago Island in Buccaneer Cove where local sea lions may sneak up alongside you and surprise you. Hike up Bartolomé Island accompanied by incredible views at the summit. See the intricacies of the island firsthand! From the red sand of Jervis Island to the marine iguanas who forage for food in the sea, even the crabs are different here, with their bright red and yellow shells that provide quite a contrast to the black-lava rocks of these volcanic islands. Learn from Galápagos naturalists who travel with you... take walks on lave terrains... travel ashore via pangas... swim and snorkel... And much more!

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Wildlife of the Galápagos Islands

Visit a tortoise conservation reserve

Day 7

Meet the giant tortoises...

A visit to the tortoise reserve on Santa Cruz Island provides a unique opportunity to observe a rare form of wildlife that continues to thrive in the Galapagos archipelago – the giant tortoise. You'll learn about the amazing conservation efforts to preserve and protect these magnificent creatures in their natural environment on the islands and have an opportunity to see them first-hand.

The Galápagos' "Big 15"

Introducing the "Big 15" of the Galápagos Islands

When it comes to wildlife, no place on Earth compares to the Galápagos Islands. The vast diversity of animal life is what attracts visitors to this remote, far-flung paradise, spread out over 138,000 square kilometers (3,040 square miles). The "Big 15" list was created to identify the archipelago’s most unique and fascinating wildlife... so on your journey, your family may spot Galapagos Albatross, Blue-Footed Booby, Nazca Booby, Red-Footed Booby, Flightless Cormorant, American Flamingo, Great and Magnificent Frigatebirds, Galapagos Hawk, Land Iguana, Marine Iguana, Santa Fe Land Iguana, Galapagos Penguin, Galapagos Sea Lion, Galapagos Fur Seal and the Galapagos Giant Tortoise.

Go snorkeling... and see what lives under the sea

Ever wondered what it's like to swim with sea lions?

Chances are, while you're snorkeling in the warm Galápagos waters you'll find yourself splashing around in the water with a few of these whiskered locals for company – they're sociable, and as curious about you as you are about them.


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Reviews (18)

My daughter and my parents took a trip to the Galapagos. We shared lots of wonderful adventures and memories. Everything went like clockwork and we had lots of laughs and learned a bunch!

Most Memorable Moment:

Our most memorable moment was snorkeling with a young sea lion. It was truly incredible to have this wild animal swimming around us within arm's reach.

Really the entire trip. This is my second bridges trip with a grandchild. It is wonderful to share new experiences and create a closer bond. Once again I’m impressed with Tauck’s organization and personnel. One suggestion is to have something to bring the grandchildren together the first night.

Most Memorable Moment:

Watching my grandson snorkel

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