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Our Japan tours weave both ancient and present day by land and sea as you discover a country steeped in traditions dating back thousands of years but also in a continual state of rapid flux, with fads, fashions, and technologies that are everchanging.

Japan Escorted Tours
Lake Ashi

Welcome to Japan

Discover the revered traditions and serene beauty that infuse life here… from the heart of Japan on Honshu Island … to the multiple night stays in the modern city of Tokyo and magical Kyoto… experience the “Japanese Alps” where the mountains reach 9,000 + feet… and dine Japanese style sans yukatas... to a background of musical entertainment. You will return home with an in-depth cultural portrait of this fascinating island nation.

Tokyo, Japan

Discovering the treasures of Tokyo

Your Tauck experience in Tokyo – one of the world’s most dynamic capital cities – takes you to the Meiji Shrine, honoring the deified spirits of Japan's Emperor Meiji and his wife, Empress Shoken, who died early in the 20th century... a performance of traditional Shinto music and Kagura dancing... the renowned Tsukiji Market, the largest fish and seafood market in the world... and the Edo-Tokyo Museum, whose exhibits focus on Tokyo’s history, culture, and development from its roots as a fishing village called Edo.

Kyoto, Japan

Ancient and modern coexisting in Kyoto

In Kyoto, you’ll discover a city center of glass and steel skyscrapers side-by-side with hidden temples, shrines, and gardens exuding the tranquility of Japan’s ancient culture… the golden-topped 14th-century Kinkaku-ji Temple, set in an age-old garden on the edge of a lake, symbolizing its place “between heaven and Earth”… Nijo Castle, a 17th-century shogun’s residence and UNESCO World Heritage Site, surrounded by stone walls and a moat – and concealing the secret of its “nightingale” floors… and the back streets of one of Kyoto’s geisha districts, where Japan’s geisha traditions are believed to have begun.

Japan's Geisha culture

The mysteries of Japan's Geisha traditions

Kyoto is considered the birthplace of Japan’s geisha culture, with the historic Gion district at its heart. To become a geiko, the preferred term for geisha, women must spend years in training as a maiko, perfecting lessons in traditional dance, musical instruments, flower arranging, tea ceremonies, calligraphy, painting and the art of conversation. Seeing them perform is an exclusive privilege and a highlight of your visit to Japan. Learn more about their elite world as our insider expert leads you through the back streets of the city’s geisha districts, sharing stories along the way.

Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo

Futuristic luxury in Tokyo's heart

High above the city, Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo is a five-star luxury hotel with views to take your breath away. Exuding crisp, contemporary style, this city-center gem prides itself on its excellent technology... a renowned spa featuring a range of relaxing and rejuvenating treatments and therapies... seven innovative restaurants (three of which are Michelin-starred) offering a variety of cuisines... several lounges and bars.... and impeccable service.


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