Never Settle For Ordinary

Access the unforgettable… it's what we do best


Cookie-cutter vacations just don't cut it with us. Tauck is known for going beyond the expected, teaming with talented insiders, and adding a lot of authentic local flavor to give our guests uniquely personal travel experiences that are innovative, inspiring, and hopefully more engaging than you can find anywhere else.

Enjoy a real slice of European life with us along the "Yellow Roads." Sip wine with vintners and play pétanque with locals in France. Wander down Spain's medieval lanes and pedestrian promenades, tasting history in memorable bites. In Italy, take lingering lookd at Renaissance masterworks in the Vatican Museums with no crowds around, and laugh with a shopkeeper among the crowded shelves he's been stocking for decades.

Across North America, indulge in discoveries from sea to shining sea. View polar bear cubs cavorting on the tundra in Manitoba, and gaze at grazing elk in the Canadian Rockies. Learn the secrets of Rockwell-esque towns along New England's pastoral byways, sip Mint Juleps and gain insights from experts in Magnolia-shaded plantation gardens in the Old South. Stand shoulder to trunk with a Giant Sequoia in Yosemite, glide down the Colorado on a pontoon raft, and wake up to a Grand Canyon sunrise.

Embrace life-changing moments in some of Earth's most exotic places. Observe the timeless "circle of life" from a hot air balloon high above Tanzania's Serengeti plains, descending to a champagne breakfast in the bush. Discover the secrets of Japan's Geisha culture with an insider expert along the backstreets of Kyoto. Dine under the wings of warbirds at an exclusive dinner at a state-of-the-art aviation museum on New Zealand's South Island.

Savor Local Specialties

We make sure our culinary treats are pretty memorable, too. Tastings at vineyards in noted wine-growing regions throughout the world… from California to Tuscany, Chile, the Rhine and Rhône valleys, around Cape Town and New Zealand's Marlborough Sounds.  Cooking demos with chefs, afternoon teas, market walks and home-hosted lunches. Unforgettable meals from a "Kitchen Party" in the Canadian Maritimes to a tapas lunch at a sherry bodega… a picnic lunch in Africa's Ngorongoro Crater… a traditional Bedouin feast in the Jordanian desert… and a "Maharajah" dinner within sight of the Taj Mahal.

Rest Assured...

Where you stay, and how you're treated, are a big part of your trip. Which is why we personally road-test our featured accommodations for comfort, ambiance, service and convenience. Think illustrious European grand hotels with a history serving celebrities as well as Tauck guests, honest-to-goodness castles, and quiet seaside retreats… North America's classic national park lodges, usually booked a year in advance... luxurious African tented safari camps, waterfront resorts in tropical paradises, and some of the world's finest hotels close to sites like the Taj Mahal, Victoria Falls, or the temples of Angkor. All chosen to make your journey even more unforgettable.