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Central America

Our Central America tours feature the engineering marvel of the Panama Canal, alongside the diverse wildlife and clear waters of Costa Rica… all with a taste of eco-adventure.

Central America Escorted Tours
Costa Rica rainforest

Welcome to Central America

The mellow pura vida lifestyle and warmth of the people, only adds to this biologically rich destination of Costa Rica... a destination ripe with opportunities for wildlife viewing, relaxing in world-renowned eco-lodges and for those with a sense of adventure...viewing the rainforest canopy from the treetops on a zip line adventure. In neighboring Panama the idyllic tropical scene continues with the added enhancement of one of the world's most important engineering marvels... the Panama Canal, revolutionizing shipping patterns and astonishing all who visit.


People-to-People travel to Cuba is alive and well with Tauck...

Our Miami-based People-to-People Cuba trips bring Tauck travelers to this enigmatic Caribbean island nation for true cultural exchange with the people of Cuba, to share insights about their daily lives and their rich cultural heritage… around key themes of Cuban culture and the arts, history, architecture, agriculture, baseball and more. You'll meet Cuban professionals, students, teachers, architects, artists, artisans, musicians, ballplayers and others…

Costa Rica

Seeking "Pura Vida" every day and every way in Tauck's Costa Rica

"Pura Vida" is a way of life in Costa Rica – an expression of optimism that means "pure life," enjoying yourself and being happy. And that's what exploring this remarkable country – the most biologically diverse nation on Earth – with us on an eco-adventure on land, a Tauck Bridges family trip, and our small ship Panama Canal cruise is all about, too. See it in the faces of the locals you meet… feel it zip lining through a rainforest canopy, on cloud forest hikes, and on a float trip down a jungle river… "Pura Vida!"


Panama... its tropical forests, secluded beaches, diverse wildlife and clear waters call you along with the Canal...

Although Panama is known the world over as home to the Panama Canal – the century-old engineering marvel often called a "wonder of the modern world" – the country and Panama City itself were around long before the Canal. See for yourself in Panama City's historic Casco Viejo district, a walled Spanish colonial city built in the 1670s, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site… and in Ancon Hill, home to US military facilities until Panama was granted sovereignty over the Canal Zone in the 1970s… and at the Frank Gehry-designed Biomuseo, devoted to Panama's natural and cultural history.

Transiting the Panama Canal

Full transit of the Panama Canal

Join a special club by transiting the remarkable Panama Canal

When the Panama Canal first opened in 1914, some enthusiasts called it one of the "seven wonders of the world" – it was certainly one of the world's most incredible engineering endeavors. For the first time, a ship traveling from New York to San Francisco could save over 7,000 miles by not having to sail around South America. Over a century later, you'll join the special ranks of travelers to traverse the entire length of the canal; crossing aboard a small ship makes the experience an even more memorable one. Taking approximately eight to ten hours, your vessel passes through three locks (the Miraflores, Pedro Miguel and Gatún) as it's raised up and over the isthmus' land surface for a total of 85 ft. before passing between the Atlantic and the Pacific!


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