Family Land Journeys

Our Tauck Bridges family vacation destinations around the globe include land journeys throughout, that open doors to this incredible world together creating memories for years to come.

Family Land Journeys
Peyto Lake Banff National Park

Welcome to Tauck Bridges Family Land Journeys

Our guided-family land journeys are the perfect way to share the highlights of our world together with loved ones. Seeing their reaction when Old Faithful geyser erupts sky high... watching African lions and leopards up close in the wild... and whooshing through the rainforest treetops on a zip line in Costa Rica, are just a handful of the transformative experiences you will partake in. Sharing these experiences with different generations can best be described as magical. 

Bicycling with Your Family Ashore

A family cycling excursion through the countryside on your Tauck family river cruise

Whether you’re cruising the Rhine, Danube, Rhône or Seine, you can stretch everyone’s legs a bit with a leisurely family bicycle ride through the countryside on your Tauck family river cruise. It’s a perfect way to experience the centuries-old castles, lush vineyards and other unique landscapes along the river you’re cruising. Our river cruises offer numerous opportunities for cycling along Europe’s rivers; every Tauck riverboats has bicycles aboard for use by guests ashore.

Soaring over the Serengeti

Day 8

Hot air ballooning over the Serengeti plains

Wake up before the animals do as you climb aboard a private hot air balloon at dawn for a ride over the savanna and open woodlands of Serengeti National Park... “the place where the land moves on forever.” From your perch in the sky, you'll have a birds-eye view of vast herds of animals like zebras, giraffes and elephants as they start their day in the wilderness... then touch down for your own breakfast in the bush!

Horseback riding and more...

Day 6

A taste of the cowboy life at a real working Wyoming ranch

Make your way through Wyoming’s breathtaking Bighorn Mountains to an authentic (and fun) western ranch experience at T-A Guest Ranch in Buffalo. And when we say “authentic,” we mean it: homesteaded in 1884, this working cattle ranch was once the site of a shootout during the infamous Johnson County War that pitched cowboy against cowboy in these parts in 1892 – you can still see some of the old bullet holes! But today’s visit will be a peaceful one… where you can choose to meet a horse whisperer, learn roping techniques from real cowboys, ride in a horse-drawn wagon, or saddle up for a horseback ride.

Tauck Exclusive – After-hours at the Vatican Museums with your family

Day 10

Exploring the Vatican Museums with your family – and no crowds

Founded by Pope Julius II in the early 1500s, the Vatican Museums display classical and religious works of art collected by the Popes throughout the centuries. Combined with the Sistine Chapel, they’re visited by around six million people a year, ranking among the most-visited art museums in the world. On your Tauck Bridges Exclusive, after-hours, guided visit, you and your family can explore the Candelabra Gallery, the Map Gallery, the Tapestries, and the Sistine Chapel… all without the usual crowds. So you’ll be able to take your time to contemplate the inspirational treasures before you – including the spectacular Biblical frescoes on the ceiling, which took Michelangelo four years to paint, standing on a scaffold... and changed the course of western art.

Shipboard Fun for Kids

Onboard fun for everyone on your Tauck family river cruise

There’s always something fun for kids of all ages to do onboard a Tauck riverboat, and it’s the best place to socialize! Meet local dancers, musicians, and artists who come aboard to demonstrate their talents. Make local treats with chefs and savor tastings, from crêpes in France to pastries in Austria. Enjoy the putting green, hot tub or plunge pool on the Sun Deck, or the fitness center. Language lessons, song and dance fests, and group games fill your evenings with family fun and new friendships.


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Family fun and adventure awaits in eternal Rome and throughout the Italian countryside... the treetops of the rainforest canopy whooshing overhead by zip line... amidst the red-rock wonders of the American southwest... across the vast grasslands of Tanzania in search of wildlife... and wherever Tauck Bridges travels.

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