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Honolulu, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Oahu, Kauai, Kailua-Kona, Waikiki
Diamond Head, Waikiki, Oahu


Uniquely Tauck



Private evening with an after-hours tour, reception and dinner at Queen Emma Summer Palace on the island of Oahu, the secluded mountain-home and summer retreat of Queen Emma of Hawaii and her family


Pre-opening visit to magnificent Iolani Palace, the opulent official residence of Hawaii's former monarchy


Helicopter flightseeing on Kauai


Hawaiian feasts for the senses in Maui – an evening of dance, song and exotic flavors at a traditional Hawaiian luau




Stay in ocean-view rooms at stunning beachfront island resorts all 11 nights


A visit to the USS Missouri Battleship Memorial in Pearl Harbor



Guests should be able to easily walk one to two miles, which may include climbing one or two flights of stairs and walking over uneven pavement, groomed hiking trails or cobblestones. Standing up to one hour or more may be required.



Moderately paced, and may include some early morning hotel departures, one or two on-tour flights, and extended motor coach travel.

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Legendary Journeys and Adventures

Tauck's classic four-island journey across Hawaii incorporates natural and historical sights, exclusive cultural experiences, and free days to pursue your own passions on Oahu, the Big Island of Hawaii, Kauai and Maui.

Stay in ocean-view rooms at some of Hawaii's finest oceanfront resorts; visit the USS Missouri Memorial in Pearl Harbor; enjoy a private catamaran sail at sunset on the Big Island; enjoy a pre-opening hours visit to Iolani Palace; learn about Hawaii's iconic botanical world and key product, coffee; attend a traditional luau on Maui; explore scenic Kauai by helicopter; and attend a private evening highlighted by cocktails and dinner at Queen Emma Summer Palace in Honolulu. Read Less

Fairmont Kea Lani, Maui

Nights 9, 10, 11

Enjoy three nights in Maui at a luxury oceanfront resort

Your stay at Fairmont Kea Lani, Maui – an all-suite luxury resort – will be memorable. The resort was artfully redesigned and renovated in 2023, with guest rooms incorporating more local culture, textures and artwork that blend ancient Hawaii with modern. Renovations include a newly reimagined open-air lobby complete with flowing waterfalls, lush gardens, and breathtaking ocean views – and just beyond the lobby, discover the new Hale Kukuna, an immersive space dedicated to Hawaiian culture, designed to inspire deeper connections to Maui and Hawaii.

Travel aboard an outrigger canoe

Ancient meets modern day on the waves

On the island of Oahu you'll have an opportunity to discover a bit of old Hawaii on a unique adventure aboard a traditional outrigger canoe. From paddling the boat, to riding the waves, to the possibility of observing some of the Pacific Ocean's marine life, your experience will give you a modern take on ancient Hawaiian transportation (they've been around for two millennia) between islands.

Kauai helicopter sightseeing

Kauai – Rainforests & Mountains (45 - 55 minute adventure)

In addition to sightseeing by land, you'll truly get immersed in the beauty of the island of Kauai on an amazing helicopter adventure that reveals a world of lush tropical rainforests, jagged mountains, sea cliffs, beaches and craters. Music and narration combine as you view the best of the island, including spectacular Waimea Canyon and views of the Na Pali Cliffs.

Private evening at Queen Emma Summer Palace

Attend a private, after-hours tour, reception and dinner at Queen Emma Summer Palace

Known as Hānaiakamalama (The Southern Cross), or Queen Emma Summer Palace, the palace served as a summer retreat for Queen Emma of Hawaii from 1857 to 1885, as well as for her husband King Kamehameha IV, and their son, Prince Albert Edward. It is a now a historic landmark, museum – and it's the site of a special Tauck welcome evening featuring a private after-hours reception, tour and dinner.

Early opening visit to Iolani Palace

Day 2

Before the day's crowds, visit Honolulu's extraordinary Iolani Palace

Built in 1882 by King Kalakaua, Iolani Palace in Honolulu was Hawaii's official royal residence and the Hawaiian monarchy's seat of government until its overthrow in 1893. A National Historic Landmark since 1962 and the only official royal residence in the United States, the Palace is one of Hawaii's most recognizable buildings; restored to its former grandeur, it evokes a time when their Majesties King Kalakaua and his sister and successor, Queen Liliuokalani, walked its grand halls. An exclusive guided visit, before the day's crowds, provides insights and stories into the palace's rich legacy.

Hawaii is my idea of Paradise, beautiful islands, gorgeous resorts, friendly people. The trip had a nice balance of organized activities and leisure time.

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Travel Documents

The Best of Hawaii begins and ends in the U.S.

Real ID Act - Effective May 7, 2025

Beginning in May 2025, some state IDs will no longer permit you to board a domestic flight. Currently, some states are compliant, some have received extensions, and some are not compliant. Click here to see the status of your state. If your state license is not compliant, you can use a passport in lieu of a valid state ID. 

Please Note: The federal government has extended the deadline to May 7, 2025 for domestic airline passengers to secure a Real ID driver's license for use as identification at the airport. Travelers without a verified license or ID card will also have the option of showing other identity documents, such as a passport or military ID to board a plane.

If you are a citizen of another country traveling to the U.S., you should contact an embassy or consulate of the U.S. to determine what travel documentation is necessary. You may also log on to the U.S. State Department's Internet site by clicking here.

If you are traveling by air to join and/or depart from this tour within the U.S., please read the section entitled Airline Security Measures under Additional Information above to determine what travel documentation is required.

If you are a citizen of the U.S. or Canada who travels frequently between the two countries, you may benefit from the NEXUS program, which is joint initiative between the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency and the Canada Border Services Agency that allows pre-screened and approved travelers faster processing at designated highway lanes in high-volume border crossing locations, at a NEXUS kiosk at several airports, and at certain marine reporting locations in the Great Lakes and Seattle regions. For further information, you may log on to the Nexus Internet website by clicking here.

Please note that longer stays abroad for any purpose may require additional travel documentation.

We recommend that you make at least two photocopies of all the travel documents that you bring with you. Include copies of the photo page of your passport that contains the date of issuance, the date of expiration and your citizenship. Secure one set of copies in the safe in your room while traveling and leave one set behind with someone at home who will assist you in the event your documents are misplaced, lost or stolen.

To facilitate Travel Requirements, destinations are increasingly utilizing online forms that require digital proof that you've successfully completed your submission (via an email, QR code, etc.) To ensure smooth travels and peace of mind, we strongly recommend all guests carry a personal smart phone and sign up for international data plans before traveling overseas.

Note: For activities marked with an asterisk (*) in day-by-day descriptions, participation is at your own risk; a signed liability waiver will be required.

TRAVELING WITH CHILDREN AS A GUARDIAN: If you are traveling as the guardian of a child/children, we strongly suggest that you carry a letter from both parents of the child authorizing emergency treatment in the event of illness or accident. For travel abroad, many foreign countries have specific entry requirements for children under 21 who are traveling internationally without BOTH parents. (These requirements are in response to the increased incidence of children being abducted and taken abroad.) PLEASE NOTE THAT TAUCK IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for the disruption of travel caused by improper documentation for children traveling without both parents.

How to Book a Tour

See your travel advisor, or call Tauck at 800-468-2825 to make a reservation.

At the time of booking, please have the following information ready for all members of your party:

  • Tour Name and Departure Date
  • Traveler's Name: First and last names as they appear on your passport or driver's license
  • Traveler's Address(es)
  • Email Address*
  • Traveler's Phone Number(s)*
  • Emergency Contact Information: Please provide the name and phone number of a relative or friend (not travelling with you) whom we could contact during the tour in the unlikely event of an emergency
  • Interest in purchasing a travel protection plan (US and Canada)
  • Interest in extending your trip by staying in a Tauck recommended hotel before your trip begins or after it ends
  • Interest in our specially negotiated airfares


* Required Fields

Deposit & Final Payment


The deposit and the fees for the optional Protection Plan or Cancel Fee Waiver [CFW] coverage are due at time of booking.

The deposit amount is $350 per person


Final Payment:

Final Payment is due to Tauck 90 days before departure for lands trips, and 120 days before departure for cruises and rail journeys. If your deposit was made by credit card, final payment will be automatic unless you opted out at time of booking. Bookings without full payment at this time may be subject to cancellation without notice. Failure to make payment will be a considered a cancellation by the guest and all applicable cancellation fees will apply.

Travel Protection Plan

Effective for plans purchased as of July 1, 2021:

 Tauck's Guest Protection provides you with cancellation protection before your journey begins as well as insurance benefits while you are traveling. Guest Protection includes the following:

Cancellation Waiver – Provided by Tauck:

Under Tauck's Cancellation Fee Waiver you can cancel your tour for ANY REASON up to the day before departure and receive a money-back refund (except in Extreme Circumstances*) on the land tour cost, based on your original method of payment.

*Extreme Circumstances: In the event of an act of God, war (whether declared or undeclared), terrorism, accident, natural disaster, outbreak of disease, or other event or circumstance beyond our control that contributes to or results in cancellation rates above our historical cancellation rates in the absence of such event or occurrence, Tauck reserves the right to issue a credit to you in lieu of a money-back refund, applicable to a future Tauck journey.

Travel Insurance Benefits – Underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company.

  • Trip Cancellation – If you must cancel your tour due to a covered reason, the plan provides coverage for the amount you paid for your travel arrangements. Since the non-insurance cancellation waiver takes care of the land package cancellation fees already, this benefit reimburses the airfare cancellation charges up to the value of your original airfare purchase.

  • Trip Interruption – If you have to interrupt your tour for covered reasons, the plan provides reimbursement for up to $5,000 to catch up to your tour or return home.

  • Travel Delay – Provides reimbursement for missed, prepaid travel arrangements if you are delayed by a common carrier, natural disaster, unannounced strike, or other reasons as cited in the plan.

  • Medical Expense – Reimburses covered medical expenses incurred in the event you become injured or sick during your trip. 

  • Baggage / Personal Effects Protection – Provides reimbursement in the event your luggage or personal effects are, lost, stolen, damaged or delayed during your trip.

Worldwide Emergency Assistance Services – Provided by Carefree Travel Assistance; 24-hour emergency telephone assistance hotline for medical and travel related problems.


The cost of Tauck's Guest Protection is: $459 per person


This protection provides insurance coverage that applies only during the covered trip. You may have coverage from other sources that provides you with similar benefits but may be subject to different restrictions depending upon your other coverages. You may wish to compare the terms of this policy with your existing life, health, home and automobile policies. If you have any questions about your current coverage, call your insurer, insurance agent or broker.

This optional Guest Protection must be requested at time of booking and fee must be included with initial payment. Fees are based on costs as of July 2021, and are subject to change. Details will be provided with written confirmation of your tour reservation. Guest Protection does not protect travel agent commissions. Reimbursements will be made according to original method of payment. The amount of any refund shall be reduced by any recoveries obtained by you from any third parties.

The Guest Protection plan waives cancellation fees outlined below, provided we are notified of cancellation before your tour departs. Tour cancellation fees are waived regardless of reason, without written notice, and Tauck will refund land tour cost.

To obtain your state-specific Certificate of Insurance that contains the complete terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions of the certificate, visit


If You Have To Cancel

If you cancel within 10 days of initial deposit

Within the first 10 days after you place your initial deposit, you may cancel your reservation for any reason with no cancellation fees.

If you cancel more than 10 days after initial deposit

Regardless of reason, cancellations result in costly charges from our travel and hotel providers covering penalties and fees incurred by canceling confirmed bookings. These fees vary from tour to tour. Therefore, the following fees apply.


Cancellation Fees with Tauck's Guest Protection Plan:

Loss of Guest Protection fee, per person


Cancellation Fees without Tauck's Guest Protection Plan:

90 days or more before departure = $350 per person

89-8 days before departure = $600 per person

7-1 days before departure = $900 per person


Time of cancellation will be when notice is received in our Wilton Woods, CT office.

In the event of an unforeseen circumstance beyond our control, Tauck reserves the right to amend the cancellation terms outlined herein.

Note: All Guests, regardless of residency, who book a Tauck journey have the option of purchasing the Cancellation Fee Waiver provided by Tauck in the event they need to cancel their trip after making their reservations. Tauck's Guest Protection, which includes both the Cancellation Fee Waiver and the Travel Insurance Benefits and Assistance Services described above, is not available to residents of Puerto Rico.

Travel Terms and Conditions

Click here to find Tauck's Travel Terms & Conditions.

Travel Requirements For This Tour


Air Information and Luggage Restrictions

AIRFARE: Airfare to and from this destination is not included in the journey cost. If purchasing your air elsewhere, it is very important to provide us with your confirmed arriving and departing flight information no later than 3 weeks before your arrival date. Flight information can be submitted to Tauck (or verified, if you've already provided it) in the My Account section of

TAUCK AIRPORT TRANSFERS are included at the start and end of the journey between the airport and the Tauck hotel. Airport transfers are available for any pre tour or post tour hotel stays immediately consecutive to the tour, providing flight information is received in the Tauck office no later than three weeks in advance. Details on locating your transfer upon arrival to the tour start city will be included in your final documents.

AIRLINES and CHECKED LUGGAGE: Due to space limitations during your Tauck journey, we ask that you please limit your checked luggage to one average-size suitcase per person. Besides complying with the Tauck restriction noted above, you should also be sure to research and comply with all airline baggage restrictions relating to your flights to and from your Tauck journey. Airlines have become much more strict in enforcing size and weight limits in recent years, and are free to revise luggage policies without notice. Researching and complying with airline luggage restrictions is the responsibility of the guest, and Tauck cannot be held responsible for any costs or disruptions to travel caused by the failure to research and comply with airline policies. PLEASE NOTE that if you are booked on a tour that includes on-tour flights, the checked luggage weight restrictions for these flights may be lower than the weight restrictions for your international flights.

Special Luggage Restrictions for this Tour

The U.S. TSA has instituted standardized screening procedures at airports across the U.S. At some airports in Hawaii, this procedure is handled manually and will be time-consuming. Please be aware that you will not have access to your bags after they are screened; therefore, you should remove everything that you may want to take on the plane with you before you hand over your checked bag for screening.

Checked Luggage – General

Due to space restrictions, we ask that you please limit your checked luggage to one suitcase per person weighing no more than 50 pounds (23 kg) and with overall dimensions (length + width + height) not exceeding 62 inches (158 cm).

Besides complying with the Tauck restriction noted above, you should also be sure to research and comply with all airline baggage restrictions relating to your flights to and from your Tauck journey. Airlines have become much more strict in enforcing size and weight limits in recent years, and luggage exceeding airline standards for size or weight may result in expensive overage fees or other consequences.

Airlines are free to revise luggage policies without notice, and certain airlines have different baggage allowances for different classes of service. Researching and complying with airline luggage restrictions is the responsibility of the guest, and Tauck cannot be held responsible for any costs or disruptions to travel caused by the failure to research and comply with airline policies.

Tauck luggage tags will be provided by your Tauck Director on Day 1 of your itinerary. Please do not attach a Tauck luggage tag to any carry-on items, as the Tauck tags designate luggage that is to be handled and transferred by ground operators and hotel staff during your journey.

Carry-on Luggage - General

Although oversize bags and wheeled, carry-on luggage are popular for airline travel, they are often not convenient or appropriate for motor coach travel or for many on-tour flights. Most modern sightseeing motor coaches offer limited space for numerous or larger items. Space under seats or in the overhead rack is typically small, and designed to accommodate items like coats, hats, purses, and small camera bags, etc.

For your day-to-day travel while on tour, we recommend that you limit your hand luggage to a small, soft-sided carry-on piece, and that you bring only those items you need handy during the day such as make-up, medications, cameras, film, etc. Items too large to fit under the motor coach seat or on the overhead rack must be stored in the luggage bays beneath the motor coach, and may be inaccessible during daytime travel.

Health, Safety and Mobility


Please check with your health insurance provider to determine whether you are covered while traveling. If you will not be covered under your current policy, we strongly suggest that you arrange for adequate coverage while on tour.

If you have a medical condition that might limit your participation in activities, please consult your physician for pre-departure health advice and notify us as soon as possible, if you have not already done so. We will advise your Tauck Director accordingly.

Please Note: Destinations around the world have instituted new measures like testing requirements, health insurance coverage, or specific restrictions on travel. These guidelines are in addition to, and may go beyond, Tauck's requirements. Click here for more information about the requirements for your journey.



If you are a resident of another country traveling to or within the U.S., no vaccinations are currently required for travel to Hawaii. For complete vaccination and inoculation information, contact your physician, the public health service in your area, or the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, Georgia. The Travelers' Health Section of the CDC operates a 24-hour "Travelers' Health Hotline" at 800-232-4636 (toll-free in the U.S.). You may also log on to the CDC website by clicking here.



While your journey to Hawaii is very relaxing and the pace leisurely, to enjoy fully all the tour has to offer, you should be in good health and able to walk reasonable distances, as some of the most memorable sightseeing can only be accomplished on foot. For the most part, however, the amount of walking you do is at your discretion.

If you require the use of a wheelchair throughout the tour, it is advisable to bring your own. Wheelchairs are available on all islands at all hotels and may be arranged by the tour directors; however, they are intended for on-site use and cannot be taken off property. In addition, wheelchairs are available at the airports for pre-boarding purposes only. There are disabled access bathrooms with grab bars in all of the hotels.

PLEASE NOTE: We regret that we're unable to provide individual assistance to guests with walking difficulties or other personal needs. The responsibility of the Tauck Director who accompanies your trip is to ensure that the larger group enjoys a relaxing and informative journey, and he or she cannot be relied upon to provide ongoing individual assistance to any one guest. Guests requiring such individualized assistance must be accompanied by an able-bodied companion who can provide it.

Regarding Portable Oxygen

The Best of Hawaii tours travel to Haleakala National Park on Maui, an elevation of 10,023 ft (3,055 m). The motor coach drivers and Tauck Directors do forewarn guests with heart and respiratory problems of the elevation and that they may encounter sulfur fumes from the volcano. Specific information concerning volcanic emissions in the state of Hawaii may be found by clicking here.

Oxygen is not carried aboard motor coaches and the drivers are not certified to administer oxygen. Oxygen is a hazardous material as the container is compressed. You are allowed to carry your own providing it does not exceed one hundred pounds per one unit. You need to have proper training on how to use it, and your companion must also be certified in case you are rendered unconscious. A prescription from a doctor plus proof of certification from the Red Cross on how to use it is needed for any purchase of oxygen. It is recommended that you carry the proper paperwork along with your personal supply in case additional canisters are required while on tour. You are responsible for any maintenance and operation that the tank requires while on tour, and for locating what facilities exist on the tour itinerary which can perform tank maintenance. You are also responsible for emptying the tank prior to embarking all tour planes, floatplanes, or helicopters and refilling the tank at a designated facility. You will need to provide us with the exact specifications of the tank, including size, model, and all components that accompany it, prior to booking the tour to determine motor coach storage capabilities.

If you require oxygen on inter-island flights, Hawaiian Airlines stipulates that you MUST have a doctor's certificate written within 30 days of travel. This certificate must include the rate of flow (meters per minute) and whether you require a mask or nasal cannula. This certificate needs to be sent to the Hawaiian Airlines office at least 48 hours in advance of the flight. There are 3 on-tour flights on this tour. Once you have requested the airline for oxygen you MUST use it. Hawaiian Airlines flights reach a cruising altitude of between 12-24,000 ft (3,657 to 7,315 m), become pressurized at 5,000 ft (1,524 m) and average 78°F (26°C).



The restaurants, hotels, caterers and numerous other partners we work with all do their best to accommodate special dietary requests from Tauck guests. However, given the diverse nature of those food providers (from small wineries to grand hotels to world-famous restaurants in more than 70 countries worldwide), some of our partners are better able than others to accommodate such requests. We therefore cannot guarantee that all dietary requests can be accommodated at every meal. Also, please note that where dietary requests can be accommodated, choices will frequently be limited.




Reading List

We have compiled a reading list of recommended books to give you more information about the destinations you will be traveling to on your upcoming journey!

You can view the reading list here.


The temperature in Hawaii averages 75 ºF (24 ºC) all year long. An average high temperature of 83 ºF (28 ºC) is reached in August. Winters are nearly as mild with an average low temperature of 69 ºF (21 ºC), and sunny weather occurs throughout the year. Although the weather is nearly perfect, Hawaii does have a tropical climate and it does rain from time to time. Very few days of touring are interrupted by rain. When it does rain, it usually occurs during the night. The rainy season is December through March; however, a light shower is possible at any time of the year.

To read about current weather conditions, we suggest you log on to the Internet website,, by clicking here.

What To Pack

Bringing the right clothing for your trip is important – we've partnered with Necessary Gear who provide an "easy-to-use, one-stop shop" for your Tauck travel needs, specifically selected for this trip. Click here to visit their site.

We suggest you dress for comfort and convenience with a wardrobe that is flexible and allows for layering. Casual, cotton clothing is recommended. Women often dress in bright pastels or other vibrant hues. Sun hats, aloha shirts and floral print muumuus are customarily worn and are readily found in stores on all the islands. For fine dining, dresses are recommended, as are light wraps for evenings. For men, coats and ties are rarely worn in hotels, but "aloha shirts" and dress pants are perfectly acceptable. Men are requested to wear long pants in the evening.

Bathrobes, hairdryers, irons and ironing boards are provided in each hotel guest room.

Valet laundry and dry-cleaning services are available at all the hotels on this itinerary.

We recommend that you pack an adequate supply of your prescription medication in its original container to last through your entire journey, together with a copy of your doctor's prescription, or a letter from your health-care provider on office stationery explaining that the medication has been prescribed for you, your travel documents and a change of clothing in your carry-on bag to avoid any inconvenience in the event that your flight or luggage is delayed.

We recommend you pack the following items for your journey to Hawaii:

  • Sturdy but comfortable walking shoes that have already been broken-in for sightseeing
  • Aloha shirts and dress pants for men
  • Sundresses and cocktail dresses for ladies
  • A light wrap for evenings
  • Colorful resort wear
  • Short and long-sleeved cotton shirts
  • Shorts and slacks
  • Tee shirts
  • Socks
  • Swimwear
  • Light jacket, sweater or windbreaker
  • Raincoat and rain hat
  • Collapsible umbrella
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Sun hat
  • Insect repellent
  • Camera, lenses, batteries, chargers and extra memory cards
  • Binoculars
  • Daypack for camera equipment
  • Travel alarm clock/cell phone with alarm function (many hotels do not have clocks in the rooms)
  • Reusable zipper lock bags or other waterproof bags
  • Copies of your travel documents that should be safely secured in the safe in your hotel room while traveling

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