Musical Interludes

Musical Interludes Musical Interludes

The role of music on the Danube

Music along the Danube exists in many forms, of course, beyond The Beautiful Blue Danube. Many of the world’s great composers were born in towns along the Danube, or in cities in close proximity to the river. From operas to classical music concertos, ballets to symphonies, regional folk tunes to modern jazz, music has helped to define cultural identity throughout the countries where the Danube flows. Whether classical compositions in royal courts or spirited gypsy music in the countryside, the Danube counts among its artists some of the world’s great composers and enduring musical legacies. We’re pleased to present an introduction to the classics – and in celebration of “everything old is new again” we’re pleased to introduce you to the “Funny Fellows,” a highly creative musical group that entertains our guests along the Danube with music ranging from traditional to ragtime to jazz to… with a special video message for Tauck guests.



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