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Lasting Connections Lasting Connections

Dan MaharOne of the great blessings of our business is that we enable joy for our guests. Year after year our collective jets are fueled by the reactions and encouragement of our past patrons. Each year more than 80% of our business is comprised of repeat patrons and referrals of our past patrons. And you share your joy often with us. I love when guests write or call after their trip to share their enthusiasm from their travels. I can always see the smile in their words or from listening to their voicemails. There are many patrons of ours that I have never met personally, but have come to know via these exchanges. This same feeling is shared by everyone across our company and across the Tauck family.

When the COVID impact started to be realized last March, we had the largest number of confirmed guests for 2020 than we have ever had in a single year. Our team worked around the clock to personally connect with our guests and travel advisors to review options as the year went on. The majority of our patrons have rebooked and we are grateful. And your dreams remain remarkably consistent. We have fielded surveys in May, August and November and they are remarkably consistent in the destination and type of travel preferences. If Europe was your aim pre-COVID, then it’s where you seek to go next. If a river cruise or family adventure was your interest, it remains so. Altogether, more than 80% of guests cancelled in 2020 rebooked the exact same tour for 2021 or 2022. Further, 75% of our patrons seeking to attend the once-per-decade Passion Play in Oberammergau this year rebooked for 2022, when the play has been rescheduled. Altogether, these dreams are deferred, not cancelled.

We will travel again and that day is getting closer. And we are appreciative of your continued faith in Tauck, your optimism for better days to come, and for your unwavering desire to resume your life and pursue your freedoms. Thank you!

Most sincerely,

Dan Mahar


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Out of Morocco

How did we get our last guests home from Morocco after COVID put the world on pause? Firsthand accounts await.

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A life changing African safari for Susan and Sam Hess and the Maasai villager who became part of their family.

Bracelets in Peru

A gem of a story about a 15-year-old Tauck Bridges guest who was inspired to give back to the local school she and her family visited.


Ken Burns and Dayton Duncan filming Photo Contest Winner Miles of Smiles
60 Minutes with Ken Burns

An insider visit to Ken Burns’s private filmmaking studio and the 60 Minutes interview that followed.

Photo Contest

From the top 3 winning photos to the ones who received Honorable Mentions, every picture tells a story about our guests’ trips all over the world in 2019.

Miles of Smiles

A look at the joys of travel through the eyes of our guests.

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  1. Hope 2021 will be a great year for all of us. Please keep us updated on what cruises and tours become available to sell .

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  2. We have enjoyed every TAUCK trip and always talk up TAUCK…and with the good Lord permitting we will travel again and hopefully soon!
    Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and all the BEST in the New Year!

    Mike E.

  3. So enjoy traveling with Tauck and look forward to taking the Danube River Cruise in the future. Thank you for making such wonderful memories for me. My Tauck collection is growing through the years.

  4. I just booked my June 18 2021 Tauck tour of Yellowstone and The Tetons. My light at the end of
    the awful pandemic 2020 year! Bring me to wolves! Bears! Buffalo! Elk!
    And in 2022 my husband Kenny Baker and I will be on your
    Israel/Jordan tour.
    We so love Tauck and thank you for being an astounding Travel Company.
    Sharon and Kenny B.
    Bluffton, SC

  5. Hoping Canada opens up by late June as we have the Canadian Rockies Bridges itinerary booked for 15 family members. Can’t wait – fingers crossed!!! We love Tauck!

  6. Your Connections newsletter is making me ever more hungry for our first Tauck tour next Fall. Wishing you a Happy Holiday season.

  7. Please include more information about how your tour directors and guides are faring and how you are supporting them. One thing about Tauck that really impressed was Kit’s description of how Tauck had immediately offered to move him and his extended family out of Japan after the Fukijima explosion and how you’d advanced income to him to tide him over. I realize that the Fukijima disaster pales in comparison to this global crisis, but I hope you have been able to support your wonderful directors and guides to allow them to remain in the field.