Discovering What Makes Travel Special

Discovering What Makes Travel Special Discovering What Makes Travel Special

Perhaps the past months have inspired us to learn something new, get inventive in the kitchen, learn how to actually do something called “gardening,” figure out how to cut our own hair… Now, we’ve all started thinking about all those experiences that await in the world around us. We’ve curated some unique content highlighting a few of things you’ll learn on travels to Viareggio, Italy – from stories about the walls of Lucca to a fascinating video on an artist excavating marble in the town of Cararra. And a special video from our hotel partner, Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte – with a look at some of the fabulous special experiences that await inside, from spa treatments… to cuisine… to swimming in the ocean – or even better, in a pool atop a rooftop overlooking the ocean.


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  1. My wife and I are looking forward to a trip “after COVID” to Europe, Switzerland is the default country and maybe another country or so, if we can see if that is feasible at the time; our finances will not/ or should be an issue.