Pintxos + Petiscos

Pintxos + Petiscos Pintxos + Petiscos

In the Basque region of Northern Spain, the word Pintxos literally translates to “toothpick food” – and that is a very apt name for a delectable morsel of food held that pairs perfectly with wine or beer. Petiscos is a Portuguese food tradition that’s similar to the more well-known tapas – but these “small plate” foods are inherently different, and vary from location to location. Fresh local ingredients and spices are at the heart of the many different food traditions found throughout the Iberian Peninsula, often considered a “perfect meal.” Learn a little bit more below – and if you missed the insideTauck presentation by Tauck Director Halsey Kinne on Portugal’s cultural traditions, you’ll find it in the link to the right.


Foods of the Iberian Peninsula


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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed these videos and the music had me dancing around in my living room. I really miss the delicious food and excellent wines I always enjoyed on my Tauck tours.

  2. I loved my Tauck Spain and Portugal tours a few years ago. My Tauck tour director (Todd) even helped to set my up with one of those Michelin star restaurants in San Sebastian on our tour for lunch. A great meal and I even spoke with the Chef/Owner and his daughter (chef during my visit) afterwards. Another great dining experience for me, thank you Tauck. 🙂

  3. Regarding Halsey’s excellent talk, I would just like to say the 2 past Tauck land tours that I took to both Spain and Portugal. The first one began in Barcelona, Spain and ended in Lisbon, Portugal; this tour covered the northern parts of Spain and Portugal. The second one began in Lisbon, Portugal and ended in Madrid, Spain; this tour covered the southern parts of both Portugal and Spain. I also found out that GINJA LISBOA, a cherry chocolate liqueur, produced in Lisbon was a extremely popular drink over there and I brought back several bottles of it as it was not easy to find here in the U.S.A. 🙂