Ken Burns American Journeys

Ken Burns American Journeys Partnership Ken Burns American Journeys Partnership

Filmmakers Ken Burns and Dayton Duncan take you inside the special partnership with Tauck – bringing the story of America to life through the eyes of the storytellers. From co-creating journeys to producing original film vignettes and narratives that take you behind-the-scenes of beloved national parks such as the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone and Yosemite, your travels are enriched.

Ken described his partnership with Tauck as follows:

“For more than 35 years, I have turned down opportunities to be involved in any kind of commercial venture… but there was something about what Tauck and I saw in each other. There was some recognition that took place that was so interesting that we could not help but say yes. We’re very excited about this relationship. We’re designing tours with Tauck, working with them to figure out how to better enhance an experience for people by using our own behind-the-scenes expertise on a lot of different subjects, from national parks to the Civil War to other areas that we hope to go into in the years to come.

We are merging our historical storytelling, set over the American landscape, with their great storytelling – which is how you put together a tour, making that experience memorable and unforgettable. It was a wonderful revelation… and a wonderful, wonderful opportunity. And we’ve really thoroughly enjoyed the time we’ve spent with everybody at Tauck. I am delighted to welcome you to some of my favorite places, destinations brimming with stories, sights and scenery that truly define the spirit of America.

When my co-producer, writer Dayton Duncan, and I create a film, our goal is to put people in that place – in that time when history is happening. A Tauck tour does that, too – you hear the story of what happened and the story can come alive to have greater meaning for you. When we make a film, we want that film to be excellent. What strikes me about Tauck is that same insistence on excellence in everything they do. They share a love for this great land of ours, and it is our hope that our collaborative American Journeys will inspire you to join us on future trips we map out together. Just as each of my filmmaking experiences has inspired my journeys and adventures.”


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  1. The comments/descriptions from both gentlemen were significant AND well stated. Ken, I especially LOVED the pic of Louie. I was fortunate enough to play with him during the Monterey Jazz Festival festival in ’68 (and YES I have a photo of him with me at the end of the fest.) Your pic brought back some fond memories. Keep up the VERY GOOD work you guys!

  2. My husband and I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to take four trips with Tauck. Each one was a wonderful and memorable experience which we continue to enjoy through our photo albums.
    We looked forward to taking many more Tauck tours but unfortunately a physical issue which affects my husband’s ability to be mobile has made this impossible. However, I love receiving information regarding your upcoming tours and I write this because the American Journeys planned in collaboration with Ken Burns will surely be incredible. After the past difficult fourteen months, these trips will certainly be uplifting for all who are able to join you.