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“Art” can be defined many ways, as can the word “artist” – but perhaps the best way to define it – is not to define it at all. Art appreciation is, after all, subjective to the viewer – it is what each of us take away from what we see, what we learn, and how we connect. Our own art experience belongs to each of us individually – and whether that experience is visual arts or performing arts, our own memories are unique. This week we explore a world of artistic inspiration – artists, their works, museums and destinations – with insights shared by art aficionados across the globe.



Inspirations and Influences

Films Inspired by the World’s Great Artists


Films to Inspire


The life of the world’s famed artists and their beloved masterpieces, from paintings to sculpture and architecture, have provided inspiration throughout the decades for films. We’ve put together a collection of our favorite films inspired by the art and cultural influences in museums and destinations we travel to around the world – take a look, and find a few ideas for your next movie night!


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Masterpieces by Destination

Tauck and the World’s Great Museums




When you see a work of art, in person, that has become a celebrity in its own right – such as the Mona Lisa or van Gogh’s Sunflower paintings – it is an emotional experience. Whether you are in the destination that inspired the artist or exploring the museum where the work of art now lives, you make a connection that is unlike any other. We introduce guests to many of these “celebrity” works of art on our journeys – often housed in museums that are famous in their own right. We’ve highlighted six of our favorite museums and their famed works, from the Rijksmuseum’s collection of Dutch old master paintings to London’s National Gallery and the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, in vignettes that provide behind-the-scenes insights by curators, art historians and academics on the artists and their masterpieces. And to begin, a short video that highlights our after-hours visit to Musée du Louvre – without crowds – featured on most river cruises and land tours visiting Paris.


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After-hours & Behind the Scenes

Inside the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel


The opportunity to explore two of the world’s iconic sites, after-hours – the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel – is a highlight on our journeys to Rome. Through Tauck’s eyes, take a look at our behind-the-scenes experience – and get additional insights into the formation of the unparalleled papal collections, Michelangelo’s iconic masterwork frescoes, and Vatican City in a curated collection of video vignettes and a podcast.



Learn more about the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel


Best Books about the Arts

An Art Historian’s Library


The Louvre


Learn more about the greatest cultural histories of the world with our curated selection of some of the best books about the arts – from the Director of the British Museum’s History of the World in 100 Objects to the Metropolitan Museum’s landmark study on the intercultural history of the city of Jerusalem – Norman Rockwell: Behind the Camera – Monet and the Birth of Impressionism – and more.


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Japan’s Adachi Museum

Museum with a View


Japan’s Adachi Museum is also home to award-winning gardens – together, the two truly exemplify the harmony that exists between nature and art; it is truly a museum setting that’s unlike any other. The museum houses a collection of modern Japanese art, including the paintings of acclaimed artist Yokoyama Taikan – a contemporary oasis with Zen-like interiors. The artistic, award-winning garden (which is actually six gardens) changes with the seasons – in the words of museum founder Adachi Zenko, “the garden is also a picture.” The gardens are uniquely viewed through the windows of the museum – and as per Adachi Zenko’s vision, are said to be a “living Japanese painting.” We visit the museum on our small ship cruise Cruising the Land of the Rising Sun – our short video captures the experience.





Travel Journal of a Royal Chef

Carolyn Robb, former chef to Princess Diana


HMY Britannia


Chapter 1 – The Hong Kong Handover: June 30, 1997. A few weeks ago we introduced you to Travel Journal of a Royal Chef, a new regular feature in The Compass by Carolyn Robb, our longtime travel partner in London. Carolyn, who was Princess Diana’s former executive chef, is an avid traveler and writer – and her “Travel Journal” features behind-the-scenes stories and memories (and of course recipes) from her many travels. We’re pleased to bring you her first chapter – including a fabulous recipe for crab with mango and avocado!


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  1. Thank you for this wonderful resource and thank you for the Zoom meeting with Jill Steehuis! We are inspired and plan to return to traveling with you when this pandemic is resolved.

  2. I truly enjoyed reading about Carolyn Robb’s experience. I love getting the recipes from Tauck’s Compass Emails!

    I miss our travels with Tauck and look forward to them to begin again!!!

    Iris Onrot