Iconic Italian Cuisine with Olga Cuckovic

Italian Cuisine Italian Cuisine

Whether it’s the simple fresh ingredients, the wide range of flavors, the comfort and warmth it inspires, or just how deliciously it pairs with wine, there’s no doubt that Italian cuisine is among the most popular and flavorful food you’ll find anywhere in the world. Join Tauck travel partner and passionate foodie, Olga Cuckovic, for a live insideTauck presentation of Italian culinary magic, where she’ll explore authentic dishes, unique meal and beverage customs, and the differences between regional cuisines.


Olga Cuckovic

Meet Your Host

Olga has been a Tauck travel partner since 2010. She obtained her first license as a professional tour guide in Dubrovnik, Croatia when she was 18 years old. In 1992, she moved to Rome where she worked as a legal secretary and interpreter in an international law firm. Following some time in Seattle, Washington, she returned to Rome and joined the International Association of Tour Managers. In 2004, she became a licensed guide of Rome and the Vatican City State after passing the exam required by Italian law. With a desire to expand her knowledge and get more insight into different aspects of the art world, Olga completed her Arts Management Master’s Degree at the American University of Rome in 2019.

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