Holiday Greetings,
from our family to yours

Happy Holidays from Tauck Happy Holidays from Tauck
From all of us at Tauck, we wish you and yours a happy holiday season and a new year filled with joy. As 2022 comes to a close, we are so very grateful that it was a year where the joy of travel was once again discovered by travelers the world over. So in the spirit of this joyous season, we’d like to share with you (in the video featured above) some of our guests’ joyous moments from the road – those that truly warmed our hearts and brought a smile as travel dreams were once again fulfilled.
Happy Holidays and best wishes for a bright New Year!

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  1. We are wishing all of you at Tauk a Very Happy Holiday Season. We are very much looking forward to traveling with you to Italy again, this time with our daughter and son-in-law.
    Best Wishes!
    Ruth and Ernie S.

  2. I have thoroughly enjoyed Tauck on trips in Italy and Switzerland and am looking forward to more. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Dr James F.

  3. Thank you for your kind greeting. We went to Spain with Tauck this May and had a wonderful time. It was our first experience with your group and we thoroughly enjoyed it and will be looking for future trips with you.

    Merry Christmas and happy new year to the entire company.

  4. We are so looking forward to our future travel adventures with Tauck. We leave 2022 with cherished memories of our Sicilian trip. We wish everyone at Tauck a happy holiday from our family to yours.

  5. Tauck excursions are memorable. Our grandchildren are now old enough to appreciate a trip. We will look into this possibility.

  6. Greatly miss wonderful Tauck adventures. After I developed cancer during the Covid pandemic, my husband developed lung cancer. Sadly at this time in our lives, we are not longer able to travel very far.
    We miss all the wonderful Tauck tour guides and the wonderful adventures we had over our many trips.
    Thank you all.

  7. Very nice video, will be looking forward to my South Africa trip in Sept. 2023. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to all those at Tauck that make your trips so much fun!

  8. What a beautiful way to say Merry Christmas. Having traveled with tauck all over the world, I can only only say Tauck does it right! Thank you and a happy and healthy New Year and continued Doing it Right.!

  9. We are looking forward to our trip to Hawaii in May. We have not done a big trip since Tauck Galapagos (pre-pandemic).

  10. Merry Christmas to you too and thank you for being such a wonderful travel company. We love our travels with Tauck. Michelle and Jeff R.

  11. Wonderful video. We treasured our over 13 trips with Tauck . My husband is no longer able to travel, but I hope to be back soon to take another adventure with you.

  12. Happy Holidays to all of you at Tauck! I have been on 5 Tauck trips so far, and am going on my 6th one in May 2023. I love your trips and itineraries! You really know how to make us travelers feel extra special and I like that a lot! Keep up the good work for us! Best wishes in 2023 from one very happy and satisfied traveler!! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

  13. We love travelling with you! Look forward to our fourth trip next fall to see fall colors in New England. Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and Happy New Year!

    Carolyn and Alex B.

  14. Thank you for all our wonderful trips, previously and planned for 2023. Wishing all of you and your families a happy, healthy holiday season.
    Carole and Tim K.

  15. My husband and I were among the lucky people experiencing a Tauck tour this year – a river cruise from Prague to Budapest! It was fantastic in every way – you simply can’t go wrong with Tauck. So we’re starting off 2023 with a Southwest tour in January. We might be hooked. 😉 Thank you for amazing service and cherished memories.

  16. Thank you, it’s always been a pleasure to travel with Tauck and looking forward to many, many more adventures.

  17. Looking forward to traveling with you again. Thank you for sharing, keep up the good work. Merry Christmas, God bless. Bette & Terry

  18. Wonderful time in Scotland, Wales and England. Looking forward to Italy in September! Thanks and keep up the great tours! Paul and Mary Anne

  19. Everything and everyone at Tauck are top notch. We have been on 20 tours so far and have NEVER been disappointed. Thank you, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and keep up the exceptional work.

    Warmest regards,
    Al & Jane M.

  20. I will be traveling with you for the first time, down the Nile in late Oct. of 2023. Looking forward to experiencing a Tauk tour! I wish you a heathy and peaceful 2023!

  21. Here’s to a year of travel with Tauck. I have the Treasures of the Aegean scheduled in May 2023.
    Can’t wait to go on another wonderful Tauck trip.
    Margie S.

  22. My Daughter Kay and I had such a wonderful time last June cruising in MS Treasures from Budapest to Amsterdam that we, plus my other daughter Alison, have booked the Milan-Amsterdam cruise next August. Can’t wait!
    Warmest wishes for the New Year and more cruises,