From Our Family To Yours

From Our Family To Yours From Our Family To Yours
Thanksgiving is a traditional time for giving thanks – but this year, it’s a time that’s even more special. Tauck President Jennifer Tombaugh shares a message on behalf of all of us at Tauck, one of gratitude, with a deep sense of thanks for this extraordinary year that brought travel once again into our lives – and one of joy, brought by anticipation for travel dreams to be fulfilled in the new year fast approaching.
Our sincerest best wishes to you and yours for a Happy Thanksgiving.


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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to the Tauck Family – you are always there for us Travel Agents and it is a great pleasure doing business with you. Always great reports from clients who are on Tauck trips.
    All the best

  2. Thank you for this message. We have a Tauck tour reservation that has been postponed two. years in. a row due to covid. But we’ve renewed twice due to the quality of our previous tour with you. Here’s hoping we roll this year!

  3. Wishing al the Tauck family and employees a wonderful Thanksgiving and Happy Holiday Season. I have traveled three times with Tauck, all wonderful and high points of my life. Hope to travel again. Thank you and blessings to all.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to the Tauck family. The pics are beautiful. Hoping to travel when this pandemic and no masks are gone. Seems to reclose borders which isn’t good. Can’t wait to take a trip to Europe.

    • Just returned from the France River cruise. As was expected, everything was top notch. This was our 4th Tauck tour. You never disappoint us. From your tour directors to the special out of ordinary adventures. We always come home with a smiles on our faces, and can’t wait to book our next tour.
      Thank you, and wishing you the best during this holiday season.
      — Cathi &Greg

  5. Thank you for the thanksgiving message. I Have not had the pleasure yet of taking a Tauck trip yet. My mom did and couldn’t speak highly enough of her experience. Would prefer to go without having to mask up though. But not getting any younger and bad knees limit my mobility. But still want to experience Taulk, maybe in Asia. Happy holidays

  6. we would like to order some new 2022-2023 brochures for USA & CANADA, EUROPE,
    Thank you.

  7. Tauck = class bundled in genuine caring of their fellow travelers . The reflection of the many truly heart warming adventures we have shared with our travel guardians! We thank our lucky stars that Tauck is unique and successful for another century protecting the our memories and legacy .

  8. Best wishes to you & your family.
    Looking forward to be traveling with your company in May & September of next year.

  9. Thank you Jennifer for such a beautiful and heartfelt message. It must be wonderful to work among those beautiful surroundings! I too feel gratitude to you, for being there for us and providing such wonderful experiences for our clients, as times slowly return to normal. We know we can always count on you.
    Wishing you and your family (both personal and business) a happy and healthy Thanksgiving. I’m looking forward to working with you in the coming months.
    All the best,
    Patty D.

  10. So nicely done, Jennifer!

    I’m thankful for the 10 years that I spent working with Tauck and I miss all the many winderful friends I made during those years.

    Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you.


  11. Beautiful message Jennifer. With the tourism industry in shambles these past 18 months, it’s a miracle that Tauck has stayed strong. We can only imagine the financial hardship the company and all of its tour directors have endured over this period. My wife and I have done ten Tauck trips and look forward to number 11 next year in Iceland!

  12. Loved Switzerland in August with my daughters and am looking forward to Japan next May. LOVE TAUCK!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

  13. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all Tauck family and many thanks for sharing this beautiful scenery.
    With gratitude 🙏🙏

  14. Thank you Jennifer. Happy Thanksgiving and holidays to you and everyone at Tauck. Looking forward to our 5th Tour next year, postponed from this year to celebrate our 40th Anniversary.

  15. Happy Thanksgiving to all at Tauck.
    We have had our best times traveling the world with you and cannot wait to do it again.
    To a bright future for all of us!

  16. The very best to all the wonderful folks @ Tauck. Post COVID, we have multiple trips we’re eager to experience. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  17. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I am thankful that Tauck is traveling again and looking forward to my Rhine River Cruise next May!! This will be my 5th trip with Tauck.
    No one does travel trips like Tauck!!! Keep up the great work! 👏👌❤

  18. I have thoroughly enjoyed our vacations with Tauck very much. We went to london, paris, and then to Alaska and Canada. Great trips for seniors as we are. If you have any souvenirs in your pocession, feel free to send them my way. And a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

    Wayne M.

  19. Happy Thanksgiving. It has been too long. Looking forward to our first trip in JUNE 2022 and two more in the fall.

  20. Yes, it has been quite a 2 years. One of the things we have always enjoyed— especially with Tauck. We look forward to seeing Covid in the rear view mirror & getting back to travel. ( We do have a trip lined up for Canadian Rockies next Summer.

  21. Happy Thanksgiving! We love to travel with Tauck as we can always count on having the best time of our lives whether it is a river cruise or a land tour. Keep the good work up!

  22. Thank you, Tauck, for so many wonderful memories. We have truly loved and enjoyed each of our tours. Here’s to many more. Happy Thanksgiving to you and the entire Tauck family.

  23. I am so thankful to work with such an amazing company that creates memories of a lifetime each and every tour. As a Tauck Certified Agent that books many, many people a year and also as a Tauck traveler on my own personal trips, I appreciate your company so much, and wish all a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
    Thank you for a great message!

  24. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all the employees of Tauck.
    We’re looking forward to finally getting to Italy and Iceland in 2022 after cancellations in 2020 & 2021 due to Covid.
    Best wishes,
    Bob & Carol

  25. Happy Thanksgiving to All.
    We have taken 18 tours and loved everyone. We are approaching ninety years still active but not enough for all those church stairs. Thank you for the memories

  26. What a lovely sentiment. So typical of Tauck to send just the right, positive message. Looking forward to our upcoming trips!

  27. Amen and Amen! Thank you for a wonderful message!
    We’re looking forward to our trip next year…I think our 16th or 17th!
    Blessings to all that are connected with Tauck!
    Ann A.

  28. I had a wonderful trip with you to Africia and I miss all the wonderful people I have met I still keep in contact with a couple of guests that have come to Australia.
    Thank you for the memorable times hope to join you again,

  29. Nicely said and done! Happy Thanksgiving to the Tauck family and staff members. Hope to travel with you again in 2022.

  30. Thank you for your beautiful message. Of course we are into the beginning of our summer and being in Australia we celebrate Christmas as our time of thanksgiving.
    We are not able to travel overseas at the moment with lots of government restrictions a a new European surge of COVID.
    We have enjoyed many wonderful trips with Tauck over the years and we look forward to doing so again some day.
    Stay blessed and safe and travel well.
    Marie-Ann and Tony C.

  31. Thank you for your note. As soon as it’s a bit safer to travel at 84 years of age, I hope to travel again with Tauck. Our travels with you were always so pleasant, well planned, and in some instances we got some extra icing on the cake with a night-time trip back to the Trevi Fountain that our guide arranged. We never had to stand in line for tickets, and the private showing at the Sistine Chapel was beautiful. Best wishes for a happy and safe holiday season.

  32. Thank you for your Thanksgiving note. Happy Thanksgiving to the entire Tauck Team. We are looking forward to traveling with you again in the nit to distant future.

  33. We thoroughly enjoyed our Tauck experience in Italy a few years ago. Sadly, Covid around the world has prevented travel plans since April, 2020. Little surges, domestic and remote, regularly since then have kept a risk alive, discouraging travel. We look forward to the day, hopefully soon, that we may safely explore the world again. A happy thanksgiving to all at Tauck.

  34. Thank You, for a lovely, warm Thanksgiving message, it has been a very difficult two years for all of us.
    Being a Travel Agent for 41 years, 37 years with Addison Travel in ANDOVER, MA, Tom K., Wonderful man & a Tauck supporter through & through 4 years with Gabriele B. when Tom Retired. We have and will continue to support & sell Tauck, Clients always return very happy! Thank You
    Happy Thanksgiving to You & Yours!

  35. My wife and I have taken four memorable Tauck trips. We have had excellent experience with Tauck and recommended Tauck to many of our friends. Tauck is an outstanding travel company with exceptional people in their organization. My wife and I traveled with Tauck to East Africa in 2021 and look forward to further travel adventures thanks to Tauck.

  36. We can’t wait to travel again. Thank you Tauck for being there for us when we had to postpone our plans and now as we look forward to new adventures, seeing new places and making wonderful friends. Glad to have Tauck in our lives

  37. Beautifull Message!!!
    Wishing all the Tauk Familily and employees a wonderfull new year.
    Hoping to travei when this pandemic and no masks are gone.
    Thank you and blessing to all.

  38. What an amazing company to explore our world. Having had an amazing trip this year to portagul you continue to amaze. Thank you.

  39. Jennifer, what a beautiful message of endurance and hope for all of us who love to travel and make new friends. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all of yours and best wishes for a resurgent 2022!

    In peace.


  40. Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family and all the wonderful Tauck staffers who make the trips so very special!

  41. Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Here’s to a better 2022. I’ve been on several Tauck Tours and hope to be able to travel overseas again soon.

  42. We love Tauck Tours. We booked our 10th and are looking at one or two more in 2022. We want to catch up on lost time in 2020 and 2021.
    Best regards
    Theresa and Merrill Druggs

  43. What a lovely video, filled with warmth and sincerity. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

    A Past Traveler……….but hoping to plan something soon.

    Warm Regards, Beverly P

  44. Jennifer,
    Just returned from France and your spectacular river cruise from Paris to Normandy. Words cannot describe how wonderful it was. Your people are the best as well.
    Wishing you and yours a happy Thanksgiving.

  45. Thanks for your Thanksgiving Greeting. I went on a wonderful Rocky Mountain tour with Tauck in 1999- 2000 and had an absolutely terrific journey!

  46. Beautiful message. So looking forward to,our trip on the Durno next September. Blessings to you and your family this Thanksgiving.



  49. Thank you for your message. It was always delightful to travel with Tauck. Looking forward to travel with Tauck in 2022

    Best wisher for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    R. Venkatesalu

  50. Thanks for the beautiful picture on this Thanksgiving. I look forward to joining Tack on an adventure next year.
    Thomas K.

  51. One of the best companies to work with
    Provide the best for the clients
    Upscale but not above the needs of the clients
    Been in the business more years than I want to count
    But I only had onecomplaint
    Only that you provide to much food!!!!

  52. Restrictions in Austria and Germany forced Tauck to cancel the Christmas Markets on the Danube this year, the second year in a row for us. As disappointing as it was to those clients who had planned on this trip I am impressed with the professionalism of the Tauck team in how they handled this. I extend my sympathies to them as they too must feel the disappointment of a lost trip, seeing all their hard work not being put to good use.

  53. Thank you for your warm message. It was well done, after over 20 years with you, all over the world we look forward to being back with two more planned trips. God speed. Bill and Claudia

  54. Wishing you and your many friends who travel with you a very Happy Thanksgiving and days to come. The holidays are upon us and I look forward to more trips with Tauck, who has never disappointed me.

  55. Thanks to everyone at Tauck … Have a Happy Thanksgiving. I look forward to making another trip with Tauck when this pandemic is past and no more masks 😷

  56. And Happy Thanksgiving to the Tauck family. I just want to let you know that receiving a Tauck travel brochure from time to time at home raisef my spirits knowing that there will be another time to travel that is awaiinng us. Thanks for your persistence.

  57. A Happy Thanksgiving to you and everyone at Tauck. Judy and I travel a fair amount so we’ve had a chance to experience different tour vendors. Tauck really does the best job.
    I think the reason you do is because you have the ability to put yourself in the shoes of your guests. Employees of travel companies are usually experienced travelers but we, the guest, are often novices and worried about the trip. One example of a thing you do, that I really like, is you send me a text and an email giving me very specific details of how you will meet us at the airport. This comforts me that you’ll be there, and I’ll be able to find you.
    The tour directors have almost all been excellent. We went to Peru and the Galapagos recently and our tour director, Marcos Soto, had to really improvise because of changes due to COVID. He was excellent and made the trip.
    Thank you for everything you, and the employees, do to make our tour experiences magnificent.

  58. Jennifer,
    We are looking forward to our Rhine River cruise in April and May of 2022, and our Sicily trip next September and October of 2022.
    We travel with our friends Matt and Kathy F. and throughly enjoy our time with them and Tauck. We have had four of our trips cancelled in the past two years due to covid but ,we have three more Tauck trips already booked with you. Happy Thanksgiving! Mike and Donna

  59. Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes and pics of Ct., beautiful! We hope to resume our travels when the Covid is contained.
    Susan & Mel

  60. Yours is a wonderful company of superb people and our family has lasting sweet memories of every adventure with you!

  61. Best wishes to the Tauck Family and employees for a safe and blessed Holiday Season… hopefully we will be traveling together again soon…..
    Best Regards,
    Cortlyn J.

  62. This reply is the only way we know to express our Happy Thanksgiving wishes to the entire Tauck Team. We are so thankful for having been able to experience multiple Tauck tours. Simply stated as the worlds finest!

  63. We wish the whole Tauk family and employees a Thanksgiving season and a wonderful holiday

    Kalil tova &moshe

  64. I will be calling tomorrow – Friday – to sign up for the Northern Italy tour at the beginning of October, 2022.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  65. Thanks to Tauck.
    We live in Canada and celebratede our Thanksgiving in October .
    The words are beautiful and wish everyday we could all give thanks for what we have today,
    Happy Thanksgiving
    Cathy Joynt-T.

  66. Happy Thanksgiving to the Tauck family! We are so appreciative for the hard work and dedication you all provide towards making every trip a memorable life experience. We look forward to our Tauck vacation next year and future years.
    Thank you for all you do!
    Lucy and Robert

  67. Thank you for your recognition on this very important day. One of the great things I appreciate about Tauck is the caring brought forth by all of its employees. My wife and I got a beautiful message today from Laura Nunez thanking us for our recent Portugal tour. Just another example of the caring. So looking forward to our next Tauck tour of South Africa in July 2022. HAPPY THANKSGIVING to the Tauck family!

  68. We love Tauck! We are so excited about the African adventure we are planning for September 2022 and our journey to Japan in November 2023. Thank you for opening the world to my husband and me. You are the best!

  69. I have had 4 trips canceled and have re-scheduled with the help of your wonderful staff. I am hopeful that 2022 goes better!

  70. Thank you Tauck for continuing to work with your guests despite the difficulties we’ve faced. So looking forward to traveling again, meeting new friends and making new memories.

  71. Can’t wait till December Christmas Market cruise from Amsterdam to Brussels. We’ve Been on the Joy Danube Xmas cruise- Spectacular
    Tauck is absolutely wonderful Love everything about them

  72. Thank you Jennifer.
    I have taken 15 Tauck tours one of which was to Antarctica and I hope to resume traveling with Tauck again.

  73. Thank you TAUCK for the wonderful holiday wishes. You have provided us with an amazing variety of trips. We have literally been around the world with TAUCK :From Beijing to Rio to Rome to lima, to the Great Barrier Reef to the Galapagos to Madrid to Istanbul to Athens to Marseilles to Paris to Manchu Pichu And the list can go on and on. We have made 11 TAUCK trips, (I think.). We were ready to go to Cambodia in 2020, of course that didn’t happen. We are booked to travel in 2022 from Milan to Vienna via the luxury train. I cannot think of a time when TAUCK did not come through for us. Wonderful tour company wonderful guides what a treat it is to travel with you

  74. I have been traveling with Tauck for 8 trips now. I will be taking my ninth trip next September. Tauck has never disappointed. I have always felt safe and comfortable. I will travel with Tauck as long as I am physically able, which I hope is a long time to come. I never stop telling anyone who will listen how wonderful Tauck is.

  75. My wife Pat (travel consultant) and I give thanks for all the wonderful, dedicated people at Tauck. We have been so fortunate to work with and travel with these kind, giving professionals,
    Thank You!

  76. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity this fall to experience the Danube with tour directors Katelyn, Andrea, and Gilli. What a fantastic trip. Wishing all of Tauck representatives the best this holiday season.

  77. Our family of 15 has had to postpone our Europe river cruise for the last 2 years. Tauck has been great in rescheduling. We look forward to accomplishing this trip in July so that everyone in our family will have a 5 star Tauck experience.

  78. Thank you! I am looking forward to my trip to Tanzania in June and although Covid is an issue I have trust in Tauck to keep my family safe. Happy Thanksgiving! Jaye

  79. Your product is always of the highest quality. My clients love Tauck. We are a very small agency, but love your product. Thanks for being their for my clients. May 2022 forward be magical for the Tauck Traveling families!

    Life is a journey, make Tauck part of that journey!

  80. Recently completed our 14th Tauck tour. This time to the Alps and Dolomites. Fantastic experience done in the way that only Tauck can do. Most of all it was wonderful to be on the road again with the great travelers that Tauck brings together. It is a special pleasure to have a relationship with such a great family -owned company that really cares about its clients. Already booked for our first small-ship cruise next year and preparing to book for 2023! Can’t wait!!! Thank You Tauck! Merry Christmas to everyone at Tauck!

  81. Thank you for the message and information as to what is happening with Tauck. We thoroughly enjoyed our two river cruises. First was the Danube several years ago , then the Rhine and Moselle a few years later. Hopefully as the World “situation” improves we will again cruise or tour with Tauck.
    The Kuykendalls

  82. Thank you for your Thanksgiving greeting. We are finally looking forward to traveling again.
    We can’t wait for our trip on the Douro rescheduled in April 2022!

  83. That was lovely and brought a tear to my eye.
    We are yet to take our first Tauck adventure. We read with interest all emails sent.
    I had no idea Taucks base is in CT..nice to know ,!
    Thankyou. Gillian

  84. As a new Tauck family member, awaiting our first adventure, thank you for such a sincere Thanksgiving message. We all do have much to be thankful for. And now, … …. Merry Christmas

  85. How wonderful to see and hear your message!

    I have several mementos from my Tauck trips……
    You folks are WONDERFUL!

  86. I’ve done Hawaii and Australia with you guys. It has been 7 years since my last trip. With Covid I haven’t traveled in almost 2 years.
    We are booked on the Canada Capitals trip in May. I’m really hoping for the best including no mask. I doubt if that will happen but still expecting a fantastic adventure with you. This is my husband’s first trip and our 50th year anniversary.
    Hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was great. Be blessed during the Christmas season also.

  87. Thanks Jennifer for your comments. I am a few days late to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving but not too late to wish you Merry Christmas!! I have had the good fortune to travel and so make many trips. Many of those trips were with Tauck. In hind site, I know I made the right choice. At age 82, I hope to do a few more trips and plan to do them with Tauck. You are the best; I don’t know who is second.
    Jim Powell

  88. Thank you for your lovely message and your photograph. You like like a real person. You also look sincere and caring. My mom and dad had a difficult life. However, in their later years, their struggles gave way to about fifteen years of relative stability and health that finally allowed them to travel. They treated themselves to several trips–all Tauck. They thoroughly enjoyed every one of their travel vacations and sang Tauck’s praises to all of their friends. I am their only child. I am now 82. It is my dream, my wish, to travel in my few remaining years. And my intent is to do so via Tauck. Why had I not traveled in my sixties and seventies? Because I was still working full-time as a medical writer and editor and after work, putting on my tutor’s hat and traveling to my students every weekday evening and most of Saturday and Sunday as well. I retired (finally) in 2019 with the intent of taking at least one Tauck trip in 2020. These plans were dashed by Covid-19. I wlll be 83 in May 2022. I am crossing my fingers that conditions, both internal and external, will enable me to finally become a Tauck Traveler. I do not know whether you will read this or it will be directed to an associate. At any rate, I wish you and your family and everyone who is part of the Tauck organization a happy and healthy holiday season and a New Year filled with delights.
    Barbara S., Chatham, NJ

  89. Enjoyed my traveling experience with Tauck.. In Africa my two safari experience was superber and was a definite educational experience.

  90. Thanking you for making possible for my clients to travel again in Summer 2021 to the National Parks. They have all traveled with you before but this past summer brought more meaning to them after being so isolated for over a year. It made them all appreciate more the beauty of our country
    and how thankful for such a wonderful tour operator like Tauck
    Happy Holidays