Cycling Through Florence

Cycling Through Florence Cycling Through Florence

The tour begins in the heart of the city in Piazza della Repubblica which used to be the “forum” in the Roman period 2000 years ago. From there we move on to the religious complex with its Baptistery dedicated to St. John the Baptist, the Cathedral and Giotto’s bell-tower. We will discuss Brunelleschi’s Dome, a famous Renaissance masterpiece. The tour then moves through the medieval quarter of Florence with its tower houses. This is where Dante Alighieri, one of the most illustrious citizens of the city of Renaissance, was born in 1265. We arrive in the political center of town with its town hall (“Palazzo Vecchio”) and the square (“Piazza della Signoria”), embellished with famous statues. The tour concludes in Piazza Santa Croce, just outside of the Franciscan church of the Holy Cross (“Santa Croce”) which is the burial place of Michelangelo, Galileo Galilei and Machiavelli.

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  1. Really enjoyed the trip through Florence. Thank you so very much. The leaders were excellent. I hope to go back there, one day. I lived in Napoli for two years, with the US Navy.

    • I really enjoyed the virtual tour. The presenters were excellent. I told some friends I met on my tour last year that it was the next best thing to being able to travel. I could imagine hearing the tour director’s commentary through a VOX 😃

  2. Thanks so much for this outstanding presentation! It was wonderful. Birgit Ensslin did an outstanding job and Bill Dillon also did a good job filming from his bike. Please also do one on Rome, if possible. Many thanks!

  3. Cycling thru Florence and related videos are interesting and informative. Cudos to the Tauck crew . Hope to see ya soon.

  4. Thank you for this recording of your wonderful tour. Had missed the beginning, so now have seen the whole tour. Had visited Florence a couple of times, so it brought back happy memories and answered some questions!

  5. It was great to see Birgit again. We had a beautiful trip last summer with her! Can’t wait until we can all travel once again.

  6. What a lovely tour. Have been to Florence several times and it was wonderful to see it up close and personal again. Wishing to travel ASAP!!