Cosmopolitan Cities of Canada

Quebec City Quebec City

Canada’s cities appeal to the diversity of interests in each of us – offering a wealth of history, an artistic legacy (from music to literature, art, dance and theatre), cuisine, wine and a look at the multicultural urban face of the future. Spring, summer, fall… streets awaken to outdoor markets,cafés and restaurants where the scene is set for dining on cuisines from around the globe; cultural pursuits reign supreme in architecture, fashion, art galleries, museums, and installation art placed throughout city centers; and music and art festivals thrive.

Join us for a virtual walk through some of our favorite Canadian cities with our Tauck Tour Directors Sydney Holmes, Genevieve Thibault and Felix Audet; learn more about the rivalry between New York City and Montreal bagels, and take note of a famed scone recipe from Vancouver, and discover a little more about these cities than you may have known before:



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