Baccanti Ristorante

Baccanti Ristorante Baccanti Ristorante
Baccanti Ristorante, Matera, Italy


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  1. I had planned a week in Puglia May 2020. Covid stole that plan…I do hope conditions will clear so that I may plan and actually visit Puglia.

    I am a frequent Tauck traveler!

  2. Isassi di Matera: not the least bit inviting! Stark! Like a prison in the mountains. Does it still function as a village with residents? No plant growth even seen – river down the cliff! Not inviting g at all!

  3. I SASSI DE MITERA has stunning views but very agglutinated construction and hardly any plants & trees growth. Someday would like to visit Baccanti Ristorante. Thanks