Expecting The Unexpected On A European River Cruise

Guest Satisfaction is Always our First Priority

Expecting the Unexpected
Boppard, Germany

As travel professionals for 95+ years, we take to heart the confidence you place in us as we cruise the rivers of Europe. Although exploring by riverboat offers a unique way to visit the capital cities and small towns throughout Europe, situations may arise that are beyond our control. And in today's world, we have learned to expect the unexpected. In the event we need to modify your journey for any reason, you can trust that we will do the right thing, communicate with you, and do everything possible to preserve your experience.
Double-Docking "Rafting"
All riverboat companies have dock assignments and sometimes due to increased traffic, docks can get double- or even triple-booked. As riverboats may also have specific docking needs, yours might be "rafted" to the boat next to the pier, requiring you to walk through or over (via staircase), a different riverboat. It is likely that you will experience this on your trip at some point, only adding to the overall flavor of cruising on the rivers of Europe.
Docks and Locks
Most docks are centrally located, however, some may be further away from city centers. Assignments are determined by factors such as riverboat traffic, river current, water levels and city layout.
Passing through locks along the river is a fascinating part of your upcoming journey. Again, depending on traffic, water levels and potential mechanical issues, lock transit may take longer than expected. Don't miss this unique opportunity… when possible, head up to the top deck and enjoy this engineering experience!
The Influence of Weather
Unpredictable weather and river currents can result in water levels rising or falling. This may require deviations to our scheduled itinerary. But rest assured, our team has experience with these potential events. If necessary, we are prepared to modify your journey while managing all the details to preserve your vacation.
Mobility Onboard and Ashore
Ashore – Guests with restricted mobility may have difficulty managing the pedestrian-only city centers, cobblestone streets and uneven surfaces that exist throughout Old World Europe.
Onboard – Guests may need to walk across narrow gangways and ascend or descend stairs when embarking or disembarking the riverboat due to "double-docking" or the docking location. 
An able traveling companion who can help guests who require assistance must accompany them throughout their journey.
Click here to view our short video showing you firsthand how we deal with the "Whims of the River Gods."