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ms Treasures, Danube River
Budapest, Hungary

Consistently recognized among the "World's Best", Tauck River Cruises show you the sights differently than everyone else. We know that travel is not just about the places you visit – it's how you experience them that really matters.

Along the rivers, we do more than just point out the sights. We bring the locals aboard to share their stories, traditions and talents, then we invite you ashore to have a glass of wine or two with the vintners who made them... dine in private palaces with the nobles who live there... cook alongside chefs happy to share their regional recipes... attend command performances and concerts in opera houses and exclusive venues for Tauck guests only... and so many more opportunities to personally connect with the culture and people you meet in ways you couldn't do on your own.

So read ahead, immerse yourself in the magic of Europe's waterways, learn about the rivers we navigate, read through our first timers guide and discover why a Tauck river cruise is right for you.