Staying Connected: 2020 Silver Linings

Silver Linings Silver Linings

Silver Linings

As 2020 concludes, as difficult as it has been, we are thankful for the many silver linings that surround us. Times like these cause us to think differently, and we encouraged the entire team to go about our work in even more creative ways. New ideas surfaced and our team pursued them – and the best part – many of these innovations will endure on the other side.

A major silver lining is the manner in which we’ve stayed connected with our team, our guests, travel advisors and supplier partners. Strong and respectful relationships have been central to our company for over nine decades and have been particularly meaningful this year. Given our challenges this year, we found new ways to sustain, and even strengthen, key relationships.

Internally our work life has been very different. Our office closed in March and we managed our far-flung operations virtually, with a special thanks to our extraordinary IT team. I had never heard of “Zoom” before, yet it’s been central to our ability to run the company this year. Our executive team has met almost every single morning since March for a daily stand-up meeting on Zoom. We sustained our weekly Town Hall meetings to keep our entire team connected. We still held our annual health fair (in our Wilton Woods parking lot!) where everyone could receive a flu shot. Even our treasured “Joy Celebrations,” when we toast special moments in our colleagues’ lives, were held virtually, as was our friendly but competitive Halloween costume parade.

Our marketing team created original content to virtually stay close to you during this time. We have learned and grown together – just like we do when we travel. More than 1 million connections have occurred via weekly Compass emails, Porchlight columns, Colin Treadwell essays and the new “Taucker” blog on our website. Many sessions have been held with TDs and past guests in virtual Zoom gatherings. Weekly lectures by TDs and destination partners brought Tauck experiences into your homes by sharing their knowledge and passion on many different topics. It’s not quite the same as traveling together, but I’m so glad we stayed connected.

Dan Mahar2020 was our 95th year and not the year any of us expected. We have perspective from prior storms like World War II, 9/11 or the financial crisis and we remain confident of our collective future. And further, we have always set a standard for ourselves that it’s not just about what we do – but “how” we do what we do. And upon reflection, our Executive Team and Tauck family remain very proud of how our team went about their business this year, all the while managing changing circumstances in their homes with school and work disruptions and caring for loved ones. A silver lining we are all proud of. I close with a sincere thank you to our team and for all of our special relationships around this precious world of ours.

Most sincerely,

Dan Mahar


Pompeii Home Work
Highlights of The Compass

While not the same as traveling with Tauck, our weekly e-newsletter The Compass kept us entertained and connected; find our guests’ favorites here!


Eager to share their expertise with our guests, our Tauck Directors and local experts hosted special live webinars on insideTauck, including the Top Five you’ll see here.

Home Work

What does working from home at a travel company look like? Take a real-life look here!


Zooming with Guests
Zooming in on our Guest Reunions

Our Tauck Directors and guests share a unique camaraderie with one another and enjoy staying in touch after the trip ends. Here’s how we reconnected during COVID.

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  1. Just wanted to say what an exceptionally reflective, positive, and well expressed letter Dan Mahar prepared and included in your recent email to former Tauck travelers. With this kind of attitude and leadership, it is little wonder that your company sets the standard for travel and tour companies, and has built the reputation it enjoys in the industry. We have been fortunate to participate on 7 trips with Tauck over the years, each a magnificent experience made so by the care and commitment of your team from booking to actual travel. You are so right that “HOW you do what you do” is the secret sauce in making and keeping Tauck #1. As a traveler, you can FEEL the difference when taking a Tauck trip vs. alternative travel agencies – many companies can take you to the same place but the total experience Tauck produces is unique and just special. Thanks to the wide array of teammates and partners who make that happen, and to the leadership team that sets the tone and holds the organization accountable.

  2. Thanks for keeping me tuned in to all you do.

    I am looking forward to 2021 as I am sure it will be a much better year for all of us.

  3. Thank you Tauck for keeping our spirits high during these difficult times. Your “2020 Silver Linings” brightened our days.

  4. Thank you Tauck for all the very positive communication. We have had many wonderful memories. Keep the communication coming. We know you will be keeping our health and safety ahead of of everything . Hopefully we will return travel in 2021.

  5. Tauck has done a brilliant job of keeping us informed, making us feel we are family and enforcing the importance of our connection.
    The effort of work, cost and time is appreciated by many of us and we thank you.

    I am sure I speak for many of us when I write, we are ready and look forward to sharing more memorable times together. We are part of the Tauck family and we are proud to be!! We look forward to the future. Thank you Tauck!!

  6. Thank you so much with all videos sorry I cannot join the talks but not good with my I pad but I love all of Colin’s travels I even dreamt that I was on holiday last night Tauck of course. Looking forward to my next one in May 2021.Just waiting for the call to have the Vaccine.Please stay safe and Merry Christmas and Happy Healthy New Year Romaxx

  7. Thank you Tauck for staying connected. I was so looking forward another trip — then covid! The Tauck experience is like no other!! Stay in touch!! Let’s hope for change in 2021!!

    I will be following you in 2021 see then – I hope!!

  8. Thank you for staying in touch. We have enjoyed our Tauck trips in the past and look forward to another tour in 2021.

  9. We loved traveling with Tauck (5 Trips)—The attention you get is worth every penny you spend! We sincerely hope the world situation changes and we all can get back to travel. Tauck is the only way to go !!!!!

  10. This edition of “Staying Connected: 2020 Silver Linings has so much meaning for me. Thank you, Dan Mahar for your letters: their upbeat tone and spirit of confidence very much convince me that travel with Tauck will once again return to what I have always found it to be: money well spent and memories that I still have from my first travel in 1973. Tauck continues to be the best; your standards have never wavered, and I can’t say enough about my wonderful experiences each time traveled with Tauck.

  11. After four trips with TAUCK, my wife Beth and myself are loyalists and look forward to a future beyond Covid when we can travel with you again.

  12. Lovely memories of my trip in 2019 on the Danube with my sister-in-law. We hope to be on another voyage in 2021.
    Greetings to our fellow passengers on MS Joy in July/August 2019 Berlin to Krakow.
    I enjoy the many positive contacts with Tauck during this strange time of the epidemic; it lifts one’s spirits to keep in touch and look forward to an exciting future prospect for travel opportunities.
    Good wishes to Tauck travellers everywhere and especially to our Voyage Directors and the helpful and happy crews on board for whom nothing was too much trouble and who worked tirelessly to make the trip successful even when there was the rare hiccup in scheduled stopovers outside of their control.
    It all went to make the trips memorable, remarkable and apparently effortless for them to carry out their duties.

  13. My husband and I can’t wait to travel again. With Tauck, of course. My Grandson just asked me where we were going to go when we could travel again. He and I talked for 30 minutes about all the places we want to visit. Come on vaccine and clean up this virus.

  14. Just like when we’re touring with Tauck, you have kept us educated and entertained during this horrific pandemic. As always, you have done a remarkable job. Happy Holidays to your staff and execs. We look forward to rejoining you in person in 2021.