Coining “Foliologist” and “Foliology”

Foliologist Foliologist

Scotty JohnstonFor half a century, Scotty Johnston wore several different hats at Tauck – but the one we were most fond of was his title of resident Tauck “Foliologist.” Now you may ask, what is a Foliologist… it’s a word coined in the late 1990s that best described Scotty’s passion for autumn and his expertise on all aspects of the wonder of fall foliage – at that time, he was deemed to be the nation’s only “Foliologist.” Scotty was a true encyclopedia of knowledge when it came to geography, trees and autumn foliage patterns, and he shared his wisdom on CNN, Good Morning America, CBS radio, and with other print and media outlets. But his primary focus was on the fall foliage experience for Tauck guests. For many years, beginning in May, you could call our Fall Foliage Hotline for Scotty’s weekly updates, enhanced by up-to-the-minute reports from our Tauck Directors who were on the road.

It warms our hearts to be able to go back in time and share with you one of Scotty’s reports, accompanied by a beautiful video overview of scenes from one of the world’s greatest wonders, autumn in New England, along with other foliage content.




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