A Walk Through Canada’s Capital Cities

Canada's Capital Cities Canada's Capital Cities

Join Tauck Directors Sydney Holmes, Genevieve Thibault and Felix Audet as they walk you through the most popular cities in Eastern Canada: Toronto, Niagara Falls, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City. They intertwine stories of historical relevance while the camera pans modern day cityscapes, highlighting what makes each city unique and diverse.

Valerie Dulin, Tour Architect for many of our North America and Canada journeys, designed Canada’s Capital Cities plus Niagara Falls, our popular journey where these major cities are represented. She provides some behind-the-scenes insights and more.

Sydney Holmes has made it to six of the seven continents of the world (Antarctica, she’s on her way)! Her #1 must-try experience while in Canada is “eating poutine in Quebec” (poutine is French fries with cheese curds smothered in gravy – and Quebec was the birthplace of this culinary indulgence). Genevieve Thibault, born and raised in the province of Quebec, has run nearly every Tauck Canadian journey including Manitoba: Polar Bear Adventure. When asked what she thinks is the #1 Canadian highlight, one that is a must-see sight, her answer is “Niagara Falls – for obvious reasons”! Felix Audet has directed a variety of Tauck land journeys and river cruises and is fluent in both French and English; he says, “If you don’t want to fly to Europe, go to Quebec City – you’ll feel like you are there”!


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    • Hi Dan,

      There is still a small group that will love to see the independence occur. But most of the folks today, do not think about that. Maybe in the future that is something that will come back but not for now. The new generation doesn’t really think about that.
      In 1995 the referendum was 50.1% for “no” and 49.9% for “yes”. Today, if there was another referendum, we don’t believe that it will come this close again.

      Hope this helps,

  1. Re: A walk through Canadian cities
    I was not able to zoom in on Wednesday due to a medical appointment. Any possibility to view it at another time?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Helene,

      If you scroll to the top of this page you’ll see the recorded presentation for your viewing pleasure.


  2. Thank you so much for this tour of the Canadian Capital Cities. I was very impressed by the tour guides and their enthusiasm, and the destinations are all very appealing!

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed this. Took a trip to Quebec and Montreal a few years ago with my son. It was fabulous.
    My grandparents were from Canada.

  4. Oh, my! Was I fooled by the sight of Poutine. Thinking it was a dessert, I eagerly clicked on, only to discover it was far from an intriguing and delicious way to end a great meal. When in Eastern Canada next, I’ll try to have an open mind and take a taste. Tauck, you are the very best!!

  5. Several years ago when I was on my Tauck Canada Capitol Cities tour, we stopped in Montreal to pick up a local guide (not the Tauck Director/Guide) to give us the tour of Montreal. She was an older woman, very well dressed. After introducing herself on the bus, the next thing she said: “I was born French, but raised English” (she was not smiling when she said all of this. LOL. :-); understandable given all of the tension then in Canada between the English and French older citizens then.). BTW, the older Montreal guide was professional and very nice during her tour of Montreal. As a historian and very much interested in current events then in Canada, I found it all very interesting. Whoever was the local guide in Quebec City never raised the French vs. English “situation” then. LOL. Just wanted to pass along my experience there in Montreal years ago. LOL. :-). BTW, Toronto is also well know for its theatre in the city, too. 🙂