An Update from Egypt & Jordan

As Tauck family members, guests, tour architects and partners continue to experience the wonders of this incredible region and the warm hospitality of its people firsthand, we’re thrilled to share with you some of our favorite photos and videos from recent trips.

November 10, 2023 – At Tauck, we believe travel is a force for good, so we’re thrilled to continue operating our tours in Egypt at a time when the warm and embracing people of this wonderful country need our support. This month, Robin Tauck, co-owner and former President and CEO of Tauck Inc., traveled to Egypt with her daughter and several Tauck guests on a small group tour, and she shared the following videos and photos from their extraordinary experience there.

Robin Tauck with archeologist and Egyptologist Adel Edris

Robin Tauck aboard the Oberoi Zahra with general manager Shamden Tamang

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  1. Thank you, Robin Tauck, for this message. I will agree that safety concerns have been high for my husband and myself! It is reassuring to read your words and view the videos. Please continue to share your updates and we hope to read another message prior to departure date. Best wishes.

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to share and to relieve any apprehensive, of the amazing Holiday.
    Visited myself about 25 years ago and never forgot one minute, of the experience. And yes, I climbed backwards down the ladder into the tomb and walked around the tiny room fully content. I had arrived!

  3. As a Certified Tauck Agent and one who has clients departing on an Egypt tour as we speak, I want to join Robin in saying that I believe that when traveling with Tauck you can rest assured that your experiences and your safety are their first priority.
    The Tauck family, from the first days of Arthur Tauck until now, have done everything possible to arrange for the best experts, the premier experiences, as well as their clients well being.
    They are not just a company, they are a family, watching out for you from the minute you join one of their tours.

  4. My husband, Norbert, my granddaughter, Shawna and myself will be traveling with Tauck in January to Egypt. Thank you for sharing these photos and your trip experience.

  5. I just returned from Tauck’s Jordan and Egypt tour and can vouch for the safety and security of both countries. There was not a hint of any trouble or disruption. The locals were warm and welcoming. While it was nice for us having few crowds to contend with, my heart aches for the many people in the tourism and service industry who rely on travelers. A wonderful trip!