America's Canyonlands

America's Canyonlands America's Canyonlands

With a twinkle in his eye and stories that take you behind-the-scenes of every destination he explores, 35-year Tauck Director Don Dunkle holds a special place in the hearts of our guests. His degree in botany is just one aspect of his expertise – get to know a little more about Don and how he shares that expertise when exploring the world’s great natural landscapes.

Exclusively for Tauck guests, join Don for a journey through the natural history and cultural heritage of America’s Canyonlands. For decades, Don has guided guests through the national parks and canyonlands of the American West; he’ll be sharing his knowledge and insights with you in his innovative presentation – with interesting angle as you learn about these landscapes through the eyes of Arthur Tauck Sr.

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  1. Been to Canyonlands and the tour was spectacular! Interested in revisiting with Don in his presentation! Jim H.

  2. Don was a super-guide and traveled with him last year through Grand Canyon. Would love to travel with him again !!!!!

  3. We were on Don’s 2016 fall Canyonlands Tour and indeed he was fabulous, doing many things for everyone over and above the call of duty.

  4. I have just watched the piece to “learn more about Don Dunkle” and just wanted to say that our very first tour with Tauck was the Canyonlands with Don. He was a brilliant TD and definitely turned us into “Tauckies”. Thank you Don!

  5. I am looking forward to this as I spent my childhood in south eastern Arizona. In addition to the flora, I am interested in the geology of the region, especially the vulcanism.

  6. I was lucky enough to be on a Canyonlands tour in October of 2018 with Don. A fabulous leader who has a wealth of knowledge on everything relating to the area. He shared so much with us and even when weather presented obstacles he was able to come up with great ideas to fill the void.
    I will look forward to reliving some of those beautiful sights and experiences!

  7. We took the Tauck Canyonlands tour about seven years ago (sorry, not with Don). Who knew we would retire to Utah? Would love to hear how those with limited mobility might find something right-sized for them.

  8. This will be our first time to meet Don and our first experience with Tauck … we’re looking forward to it.

  9. Don,
    You have been our tour director for the Canyonlands and Yellowstone tours and you are the absolute BEST, Thank you SO much for making our tour experiences FANTASTIC. You are WONDERFUL. Thank You, Thank you, Thank you.

    Al & Jane M.

  10. We traveled with Don on Canyonlands! He is a fabulous tour director – so very knowledgeable and he has a GREAT sense of humor! It was a super trip!

  11. Enjoyed the Canyonlands tour with Don.!! He is an awesome Tour Director. Cant wait to relive the trip again with Don.
    My husband Al said Don would appreciate this response….
    Oh “schist” we would love to join in.