Alberta, Canada: Beloved Banff and Beyond

Alberta, Canada Alberta, Canada

For so many of us at Tauck, the national parks of Alberta, the Canadian Rocky Mountains, and the town of Banff hold not only a very special place in Tauck’s history, but in our hearts as well. At the moment, travel to Canada from the US is on pause – but when the time is right, we’re ready to once again share our love for this destination with our guests.

We invite you to an exclusive presentation with Tauck Director Sarah Brooking, along with Lukas Prochazka (Senior Manager, Business Development – Banff & Lake Louise Tourism), who share their knowledge, insights and passion for Banff and the province of Alberta.

Sarah BrookingLukas ProchazkaSarah, originally from Vancouver, British Columbia, moved to Banff just over 20 years ago; she has been guiding Tauck guests through her “backyard” ever since. Passionate about being active in nature, she is an avid skier, hiker, mountain biker and paddle boarder. In her early career with Tauck, she led tours in Peru, the Galápagos Islands and Costa Rica. Now, as a mother of two daughters, she enjoys working a little closer to home.

Lukas Prochazka was born and raised in the Czech Republic, with a Master’s Degree in Marketing and Management. During and after his studies worked in Yellowstone and Grand Canyon national parks in different hospitality positions. Following his passion for mountains and the outdoors, Lukas moved to Banff in 2004; he worked in hotel sales for 5 years before joining Banff & Lake Louise Tourism in 2010 – and like Sarah, spends free time on outdoor mountain pursuits.

We’ve put together some additional information on Banff and Alberta, including some book recommendations, videos and a podcast.



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  1. We would be interested in a trip to Lake Louise etc. when Canada opens, we live in Tampa, do you have any idea when that might be?
    J. Frost

  2. It is so great to see Sarah again. She was our guide for our trip and made the trip so much fun. We even celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary on a glacier ice field with champagne. We loved everything about the trip, one of the best we have taken and Tauck always make every trip the best, Thank you