Alaska's Amazing Discoveries

Call of the Wild Call of the Wild

Grizzly BearAlaska breathes wilderness, brings promise, and boasts in superlatives. The biggest state, the highest mountain peak, the most famous dog sled race. Extraordinary bears, the king of salmon, the most remote and spectacularly located capital city in America. Glaciers that calve. Moose that swim, eagles that soar, whales that sing. All discovered in Alaska – and especially for families, this world of natural wonders brings an entirely new and unique perspective on our own world.

Grizzly Bears

In Alaska, we have some longstanding relationships with travel partners like Howard Carbone, owner of Alaska Nature Guides. Howard built his own professional trail camera system and uses it to capture images for our presentations; these presentations are one way that Alaska Nature Guides gives our guests a deeper, more personal Alaska experience. They are also innovators of interactive family activities for our Tauck Bridges family groups. Howard earned his Masters Degree in Biology in Michigan before moving to Alaska in 1992, where he met his wife Noelle in Denali National Park where they worked as Rangers. They started Alaska Nature Guides to give visitors an opportunity to experience and connect with Alaska’s natural world in the company of great naturalist guides. You can learn more about Alaska Nature Guides here. Take a look at some amazing photos from Howard – and we’ve put together a few videos for a closer look at what makes a family journey to Alaska special.


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