A Talk and A Walk Through Bratislava

Bratislava: Central Europe’s Biggest Surprise Bratislava: Central Europe’s Biggest Surprise

Martin Sloboda, our longtime European travel partner, has shared his insights, knowledge and passion for Bratislava with Tauck river cruise guests since 2014. In this special insideTauck presentation, we invite you to join us for a walk with Martin through the fabulous city of Bratislava, Slovakia, experiencing the stories of the city, past and present, through his eyes. He is also a Slovakian wine specialist and connoisseur, and will showcase the history of this region and its rich wine heritage.

Martin was born into an old Bratislava family, where speaking German, Hungarian and Slovak was part of everyday life. In 1999, he obtained his MA in British, American and German Studies, at Comenius University in Bratislava – during his studies, he took courses at schools in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Australia. In 2007, during the European Union’s 50th Anniversary in Berlin, Martin was selected into the European Union Panorama of “27 True Europeans,” representing Slovakia among 27 member states. Throughout the years, he has combined his passion for history and touring as a guide – and combined his passion for photography and the country of Slovakia as an author and book publisher. He enjoys traveling around the country with his camera, and his images have been published in international magazines and newspapers. To learn more about Martin, his books and photography, please visit www.martinsloboda.com



Martin also shared an overview of the history and legacy of Danube wines:


More about Bratislava:

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  1. A great big thank you to Mr. Sloboda and Tauck for this presentation. This has to have been one of the best video tours and lectures I’ve ever participated in. I learned so much about Bratislava and look forward to visiting this gorgeous country someday, hopefully with Mr. Sloboda as my guide.

  2. The lecture and photos were delightful and we enjoyed every minute of it, we were actually I. Bratislava in 1993 at the moment they became Slovakia but at the time we did not get to see the city because of all the disruption so it was a real pleasure to see it a d the restored castle and learn about the earlier history.

  3. I very much enjoyed Martin Sloboda’s talk on Bratislava. We lived in Prague in the early 90’s, just after the fall of Communism & regrettably never got there, but we met a great friend there who came from Bratislava, who used to visit her parents on Sundays & had to go through intensive controls at the border each time.We did visit Budapest & Vienna, sadly we heard little & knew even less, at the time of Bratislava.