Winter Wanderlust

Whether you're seeking warm destinations or a crisp winter climate for a winter getaway in 2023, here's a collection of journeys with space left on peak dates. Take a look – make your plans – and get ready for a memorable travel experience.

CDC Lifted Return Testing Requirements

Our 13-day expedition to Antarctica is unlike any other – truly an unforgettable journey of discovery. Whatever your reason for traveling to this "seventh continent," you'll find Antarctica a magical place whose mystical allure fascinates and forever beckons you to return. For centuries, explorers have written about their captivation with Antarctica – and today, you are one of a new generation of explorers on our expeditionary cruise that's designed to maximize every moment, of every day, in a magical world that is truly at the "end of the Earth." Truly, one of life's great accomplishments is stepping foot on all seven continents.