The Panama Canal & Costa Rica

The Panama Canal & Costa Rica The Panama Canal & Costa Rica

Tauck Director Ivan Hoyos

Join us for a special insideTauck live presentation – a fascinating talk with longtime Tauck Director Ivan Hoyos, who for 20+ years has introduced Tauck guests to the extraordinary world of nature in Panama and Costa Rica. He’ll be focusing on our small ship cruise, The Panama Canal & Costa Rica (returning for 2023) – and will share his insights into the Tauck small ship cruising experience and what makes cruising the Panama Canal with Tauck so special. And to learn more about Panama, Costa Rica and the canal, we’ve put together some additional information below.

Born in Central America, Ivan grew up in the US and went to university in Europe, setting the course for a life of travel and a quest to witness the natural wonders of our planet. His enthusiasm for the places explored is shared with guests, and he thrives in creating those magical moments on tour. Ivan currently lives surrounded by the rainforest of the Panama Canal, where the dawn chorus of howler monkeys has replaced his alarm clock!




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