Celebrate the spirit of Detroit

Detroit, Michigan Detroit, Michigan

In recent decades, Detroit may not have always been the headliner on everyone’s must-see cities list, but you’ll be singing a different tune after attending our upcoming insideTauck presentation. Join us as Karin Risko, owner of City Tour Detroit, shares her passion for all things Detroit… AKA Motown… AKA Motor City… AKA the Renaissance City… giving us a glimpse into what makes its downtown so special, including its storied history, its significant global contributions, and its remarkable recent comeback.


Karin Risko

Karin Risko

Business owner, tour guide and author, Karin Risko has been showing off Detroit for over a decade. She continues to expand her company, City Tour Detroit, which shows off the many different facets of Detroit’s fabulous and quirky history – and gives her an opportunity to surprise and delight guests, exceeding their expectations of the city and dispelling the image of Detroit as a new discovery. Karin is the author of A History Lover’s Guide to Detroit and co-author of Michigan Civil War Landmarks, both published by The History Press.

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