Travel In Good Company

See the world with our Tauck Directors and local experts... insiders who are focused on your travel experiences every step of the way

Travel In Good Company
Machu Picchu, Peru

Your Tauck Director taught us about the animals, area and culture. His ability to make the group of children and parents come together and give them the time of their lives was done so smoothly. Thanks for all you do in creating a world-class experience for all."

Gene Iwamoto, US


Our Tauck Directors... are the difference between a trip and a trip of a lifetime. They know your destinations like the back of their hand and share the unspoken customs and traditions wherever you go, so you'll slip easily into the fabric of a place. Your Tauck Director makes every moment of your vacation count, with pleasant surprises, great stories, and impromptu adventures along the way.

Best of all, imagine having every little travel detail attended to so you can be free to immerse yourself in all that you're seeing, learning, and enjoying. Tauck Directors handle hotel check-in /check out, moving your luggage, coordinating your transportation, making dining arrangements, and much more. Averaging 10 years of service with us, they embody the word professionalism; no one knows these itineraries and destinations better than your Tauck Directors.

They're your planning pro, your helping hand, your knowledgeable guide and on-the-road expert. They not only share great insights on the culture, traditions and treasures of the places you'll explore, they're fun to be with too, turning your long-awaited vacation into the trip of a lifetime. Experts in local culture, they know the unspoken customs and traditions that help you slip into the fabric of a place effortlessly.

Managing every detail is all in a day's work. While you're out exploring, they're handling hotel check-in and checkout, transporting your luggage, coordinating your transportation and more.

Tauck Bridges Tauck Directors...
Kids Are Their Biggest Fans

Our Tauck Directors are recruited specifically for our Tauck Bridges family adventures because of their genuine skill, caring approach and enjoyment in working with kids. They know the ins and outs of every destination, giving you an insider's look at the world you wouldn't get on your own. They make sure everything goes smoothly so your vacation creates family bonds and memories that will be cherished forever. They're great at engaging people of all ages. They've got rich and varied backgrounds as teachers, actors, naturalists, artists and more, so they know a lot and they're passionate about what they know. Most of all, our Tauck Directors are passionate about sharing the wonders of the world with you and your kids.

Local Experts and Guides...
Showing You the World Through Their Eyes

Throughout the world, we'll introduce you to a few of our friends who help bring your explorations to life in every destination. Museum directors, art curators, classical musicians, safari trackers, naturalists, professors, artists, geographers, horticulturists, sommeliers, vintners, geologists, national guides, storytellers, sled dog trainers, historians, craftspeople, government cultural attachés, photographers professors, river rafters, wildlife conservationists, contessas, barons, dancers, cowboys, chefs, filmmakers, television personalities and royalty. They give you information you can't get on your own. They put the focus on knowledge. They're passionate, intelligent, artistic and talented, and infuse your passion to learn.