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How You See The World Matters...
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Posted by Peter Tauck on 2/28/2013
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My grandfather Arthur Tauck Sr. loved to travel. As a salesman, it was part of his job. But it was the part he was most excited about. He couldn’t wait to get on the road to see what he’d find around the next bend, who he’d meet along the way, what new discovery he might make. He was so inspired by what he saw and did that he took six guests with him on one of his road trips through the country roads of New England, when autumn blanketed the landscapes with brilliant foliage and his guests were awestruck with its beauty… that’s when Tauck Tours was born.

That first trip took place 88 years ago. And we’ve been on the road ever since. My grandfather believed deep in his heart that travel was transformational, magic... that it should be amazingly effortless, with most everything included, so you could be fully present to enjoy all its wonders… that you should travel in the company of someone who knows your name and shares your passion… that you should never settle for ordinary because once-in-a-lifetime experiences, like the ones we share on our trips, happen just once… but the memories will last lifetimes.

Come along with us and see the world with your eyes wide open, starting with our inspiring new video. But don’t blink because you won’t want to miss a single moment.




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