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Insider Connections

A Cruise to Iceland... Hot, Hot, Hot

Iceland is one of today's most popular vacation spots thanks to its ease of air accessibility (only a five hour flight from Boston) and breadth of geological diversity, with more than 10,000 waterfalls and 130 volcanoes (not to mention islands that resemble the surface of Mars with no trees in sight). According to the Icelandic Tourism Board, the n...
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Meet One of Tauck's Finest: Tour Director Peter Tanner

One of Tauck’s “absolutal-ly” finest Tour Directors stepped down from the road in September, after 25 years of service. Born and raised outside Zurich, Switzerland, Peter Tanner trained to be a baker and pastry chef in his youth – having been directed at the age of 12 into the trades (rather than academia) on the basis of st...
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Posted by Mary-Frances Walsh on 10/18/2013
Posted in: Insider Connections
Tags: Tauck Director, Canada, Food, Switzerland

The Gift of Giving Back

I have always gotten great pleasure out of helping and doing for others.  It’s just who I am.   When I was growing up, my friends knew they could count on me.  When I was in college, it went beyond my friends to the community - I volunteered on a crisis hotline.  In graduate school and through the early part of my professi...
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Posted by Guest Blogger on 11/29/2012
Posted in: Insider Connections
Tags: National Parks, USA

Stories from the Road – Researching and Developing Tauck Itineraries

While doing our research for hotels for Tauck’s Switzerland tour, late one afternoon I found myself sitting on a bar stool, enjoying a draft beer in a perfectly frosted stein, in the very same bar in the Schweizerhof Hotel Lucerne that hosted not only Mark Twain and Leo Tolstoy, but other notable travelers such as Roger Moore, Richard Wa...
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Posted by Guest Blogger on 11/16/2012
Posted in: Insider Connections
Tags: Switzerland, Europe, Hotels

How we put the “family” in Ireland

If you are a mom like me, you are just getting over the back to school flurry, and the long days of summer seem like a much too distant memory! Back to school brings with it a sense of purpose and “moving forward” for all of us. As September rolls to an end, I turn my attention to how I want to make an impact on my kids’ lives beyond their ...
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Posted by Sharon Bell on 10/18/2012
Posted in: Insider Connections
Tags: Europe, Family Travel




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