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Peru & the Galapagos Islands

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 Profiles 500 traditional home cooking recipes from the country’s most acclaimed and popular chef. By Gastón Acurio.

 Widely praised as unsurpassed in scope and understanding, this thoroughly research historical account of how a small band of Spaniards conquered a mighty kingdom deep in the Andes is a fantastic, empathetic account. By John Hemming.

 A first-rate adventure story by the man who brought Machu Picchu to the attention of the world. By Hiram Bingham.

 This compelling collection of essays explores the UNESCO World Heritage Qhapac Ñan (Great Inca Road) Andean road system: an engineering marvel consisting of an extensive network of trails reaching modern-day Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina. By Ramiro Matos and Jose Barreiro.

 One of Peru's most acclaimed writers, the Nobel laureate Lhosa vividly portrays the rebel protagonists — determined to live according to their personal ideals and desires, rising above the pettiness of their surroundings — and the cities they inhabit (Piura and Lima). By Mario Vargas Llosa; translated by Edith Grossman.

The story of two scientists studying the finches of Daphne Major who show that natural selection is neither rare nor slow: it is taking place by the hour, and we can watch. By Jonathan Weiner.

 The best field guide to the islands, covering over 200 commonly-seen birds, mammals, reptiles, invertebrates, and plants. By Julian Fitter, Daniel Fitter and David Hosking.

Galapagos: A Natural History

 The go-to comprehensive resource for the history, geology, ecology and biology of the islands. By Michael H Jackson.

 Download (for free) Darwin's own recounting of his experiences on the second expedition of HMS Beagle which lasted almost five years from 1831-1836. By Charles Darwin.

The amazing true story of the author's life on the Galápagos island of Floreana, after having moved there from Germany with her family from in 1932. By Margret Wittmer.



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