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A Twist on New Year's Traditions

New Year’s traditions may vary from culture to culture, but celebrating in the spirit of renewal holds universal appeal. Here’s how the holiday is observed in some of our guests’ favorite cities:.
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Posted by Mary-Frances Walsh on 12/27/2012
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Tags: Europe, Asia, Africa, South America

What's hip to sip and where

The Cuba Libre takes the gold in colorful Cuba, next to its mojito and cervesa counterparts. Tea is tops in China and Egypt, and in London, Vesper Martinis, shaken not stirred, get a star billing. To help you become familiar with what’s hip to sip, and where, we’ve compiled a Tasty Ten beverage list that pleases the palate in place...
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Posted by Cindy Clarke on 12/19/2012
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Tags: Travel, Food and Wine

Hawaii… Pearl Harbor… Three Generations

When you come from a landlocked city and state, the thought of a trip to Hawaii is ocean, white sand beaches, ocean, pink sand beaches, more ocean, tropical breezes, and did I mention the ocean… Throughout the years, my family thought of Hawaii as the ultimate destination for the ultimate dream trip to experience a magical tropical...
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Posted by Ann Kinner on 12/7/2012
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Tags: Hawaii, USA

The Gift of Giving Back

I have always gotten great pleasure out of helping and doing for others.  It’s just who I am.   When I was growing up, my friends knew they could count on me.  When I was in college, it went beyond my friends to the community - I volunteered on a crisis hotline.  In graduate school and through the early part of my professi...
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Posted by Guest Blogger on 11/29/2012
Posted in: Insider Connections
Tags: National Parks, USA

A Tauck Tour Director’s Favorite Things to Do in Paris

I love Paris. Who doesn't? And I love to share the places I find myself going back to again and again. Not surprisingly, all involve fabulous food! Join Parisians and tourists alike, any day but Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath, for a stroll in the Marais. This lively, hip area is also a historic Jewish neighborhood. I like to shop at the small bo...
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Posted by Guest Blogger on 11/21/2012
Posted in: Tauck’s Travelogue
Tags: France, Travel, Europe

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