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  • Bugaboo Helihiking Tour Video - 22 July 2015

    #1 Posted : Friday, July 31, 2015 9:47:17 PM


    BUGABOO HELIHIKING TOUR 22 JULY 2015 Please see the link to my video on You Tube of my Helihiking Adventure on the first trip to the Bugaboo Lodge in many years. I rushed production so that those of you awaiting patiently for your trip to begin can get an idea of what you will experience. Overall it was an adventure in every way. Tornados, Rain, High Winds, Sleet, Hailstones, and even snow on the trip. Yes we did experience a hint of sun occasionally, but mostly 34-45 F weather in the mountains. Yet the tour was very enjoyable. Enjoy the video

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  • when is it best to take the England, Scotland, Wales tour?

    #7 Posted : Friday, July 31, 2015 9:42:34 PM


    Sue M said:

    Hi...We are planning to take the England, Scotland, Wales tour next August. We are flexible and can go anytime during the month. It seems like the weather might be milder in early August, so we were thinking of going August 5th. It was then brought to my attention that it might be more crowded early in August because of all the families traveling at that time. I am not sure if crowds are an issue when traveling on a Tauck tour. So, considering the weather and possible crowds, we are wondering when would be the best time to take the trip. The tour dates we are considering are August 5th, 14th, 19th, 21st. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks. Sue

    I did this tour last August. I was on the last tour that went to the Military Tattoo so it would probably be the one around August 21st. There were some crowds as there are in all tourist spots but Tauck seemed to have a schedule that got us to places when the crowds were not as big. For example we were one of the first groups to get to Stonehenge and since our bus unloaded shortly before the next came in, we had minimal crowds. The weather was not unbearable. We had a little rain but considering one always hears about how rainy it is there, we had basically none. If you have extra time in Edinburgh, I would suggest going out to the Royal Yacht Britannia. I did this the morning that the tour was starting in the evening and it was fascinating.

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  • August 8, 2015 Red Rock and Painted Canyons Tauck Bridges Tour

    #44 Posted : Friday, July 31, 2015 9:31:30 PM


    angelinaxox said:

    One week to go. I was organizing what we are packing to see if I needed to go out to buy anything else when I realized I wasn't sure about whether I would need to pack extra things to wear for the dinners. Kathy, I went back and read what you wrote at the beginning of the thread about the dress being casual and the opening/closing dinners were more casual than the regular Tauck tours. So I was packing something casual for them, but I was wondering during the rest of the week, did you change for dinner? I know it will be hot during the day, but I don't want to overpack. I am used to taking cruises in which I pack one outfit for day and one outfit for night. I just wanted to make sure I pack appropriately for this tour.

    There is no need to pack extra dressy clothes. I had a nice pair of slacks that I wore to the welcome dinner and then again to the final one in Las Vegas. Both of those evenings I just had a "dressier" shirt than what I wore during the day. (It may even have been the same shirt that I wore at the beginning!) The other evenings we were in the National Parks so the dress was whatever you wore during the day. People wore either shorts or jeans mostly. One night we even had a picnic outside. In short you can go to dinner wearing whatever you wore during the day. I would suggest taking an extra shirt or two just in case you felt that you were too hot during the day and wanted to change, but it is not necessary. Most evenings after dinner, my friend and took a walk in the area of the lodges. I believe that I mentioned earlier to bring a sweater or light jacket as it might get cool at night. I don't think I mentioned but it is interesting to get up and watch the sun rise over the Grand Canyon. The jacket came in handy that morning because I pulled on a pair of jeans over my night clothes and then put on the jacket to go outside. I hope that you let me know how you liked the tour when you get home. I will be away until the end of August but I will be interested in knowing how you enjoyed the Bridges tour.

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