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  • Things I wish I had known...

    #3 Posted : Sunday, July 05, 2015 6:30:20 PM


    British, we just got back from K&T and there was no mention of carrying passports, etc. with us during game drives and other travel, except for the border crossing. I suspect they instructed you to do that due to what was going on at the time, in case you had to bug out. Yes, the water in the pools was a bit nippy, but I and a few others braved it, at least at the Four Seasons Serengeti and the Mount Kenya Safari Club (fyi, I didn't find out til later that the Mount Kenya pool had an underwater viewing window!). Except for the placement of the back two seats, we had no problem seeing everything while standing on the seats in the vehicles with pop-up top. Our vehicles in the Masai Mara had no windows. When a close-in lioness looked my wife in the eye and appeared to get in a tighter crouch, my wife, the report of the recent lion attack in South Africa fresh on her mind, dove for the deck on the other side of the vehicle. The lioness didn't move and our driver just laughed. Mossies find me delectable so we brought a topical bite treatment. I treated our clothes with Permethrin before we left, but I was never bitten nor even saw or heard a mossy. So, after the second day we stopped applying Deet. We didn't see any Tsetse Flies either. (This was a June 13-15 K&T) Another suggestion- on a less than delicate topic. Though our TD said it was safe to eat everything, I was cavalier about eating fresh veggies, especially lettuce which I had at almost every meal except breakfast. Later I realized lettuce is one of the hardest foods to properly clean. Needless to say, I had an attack of you know what in Amboseli during week two. I immediately took some Lomotil which took care of the symptoms. I didn't miss any activities or game drives. I still had gas and a bloated, rumbling stomach and one or two meals, a loss of appetite and fatique. Our TD advised not to take Lomotil "prevents your system from purging itself." I wasn't willing to take that chance, however. Anyway, I probably suffered with gas and rumbling stomach longer than necessary. The original symptoms went away, but reappeared on the way home so I took Lomotil again. It took care of it again. After we got home we visited (my wife was ok the whole trip until we got home!) the clinic and were diagnosed with "travelers diarrhea." A couple of days on Cipro and both of us were fine. So, I guess my bottom line is, you are taking a chance if you eat fresh, uncooked vegetables, regardless of what is said about rinsing (cleaning?). Lomotil handles the symptoms effectively, but may do little for the underlying cause. If you can, bring some Cipro, just in case.

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  • Purchasing a cell phone in Italy

    #1 Posted : Sunday, July 05, 2015 6:17:26 PM


    Has anyone purchased a disposable cell phone upon arrival in Italy? We will arrive in Milan on 8/13 and would like to have the ability to make dinner reservations, etc.

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    #1 Posted : Sunday, July 05, 2015 5:30:02 PM


    Is anyone staying at the Intercontinental Budapest prior to the Aug. 1 departure on the Jewel? I know they usually book people at the La Meridien but Tauck put us at the Intercontinental for July 30 and 31.

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My daughter, Isabel, gazes at the Eiffel Tower, all lit up and glittering against the night sky. She’s seventeen, but I’ve never seen this expression on her face before – the look of wonder mixed with joy. The light plays across her face. We stand on the deck of the riverboat on the Seine, arms wrapped around each other, looking u...

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