• Antarctica February 9, 2015

    #7 Posted : Tuesday, October 21, 2014 11:01:18 AM


    We were in Antarctica in late January 2012. Perhaps counter-intuitively, it won't be all that cold...a bit below freezing. The cold factor comes in if you don't have waterproof gloves and outerwear since you'll likely get wet during the zodiac landings and that'll cool you off.

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  • Private transport Santiago airport to Valparaiso

    #1 Posted : Tuesday, October 21, 2014 8:42:25 AM


    Arriving early for Essence of South America tour and interested in transportation from Santiago airport to Valparaiso and 2 days later from Valparaiso to Ritz Carlton in Santiago. Can anyone recommend reliable private transport?

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  • Using the Tauck Duffel Bag Only.

    #7 Posted : Tuesday, October 21, 2014 8:28:13 AM


    Hi Scott and Jan, the case we use for under the seat is not hard sided. It is 12" high, 14"long and 9" deep. It has a sleeve which fits over the handle of our hard sided luggage, which has wheels and is 21"x14"x8", so the two bags are like one piece. We do not use the Tauck bag as it is too awkward to carry, and the wheeled luggage is much easier. That way we are not carrying anything. The Tauck bag should fold flat at the bottom of your suitcase, or perhaps you could ask Tauck to have it for you at your destination rather than mailing it to you.

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I’m not a scary movie fan, but come Halloween… I do love a good thrill, especially one with a sense of humor. And that’s just what comes to mind when I think of Ichabod Crane, plodding home alone on a dark autumn’s night, past a menacing swamp, across a haunted bridge, after an evening of ghostly tales… as he...

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The list of gorgeous and inspiring gardens that you will see on your world travels with Tauck continues!

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