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  • Gratuities for Tour Director?

    #10 Posted : Sunday, March 01, 2015 3:56:09 PM


    jdurkin said:

    Hi Allen, No .... it's just that the first question in this thread, which I assume is yours, was posted by Stratheden It's doesn't really matter what you call yourself as long as you get useful answers! I guess the trick is ... is to remember the name you first registered with, then use that again when you log back in. You don't have to register every time you post. Cheers, Jan

    I see. No, I'm not Stratheden. I was giving a "Thank you" to those who had contributed comments in advance of my continuing the conversation about gratuities. Sorry for the confusion. I should have started a new thread. Allen R.

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  • Mozzy, etc. repellent??

    #7 Posted : Sunday, March 01, 2015 3:16:06 PM


    AlanS, I took some basic 30% Deet wipes (SEAL team suggested) with me and never used them. Mosquitoes or tsetse flies were not an issue when we were there. That doesn't mean they won't be while you are there. The only time we ran into tsetse flies was when we took an additional game drive where the driver took us into the interior of one of the parks...sorry, can't remember which one. Even then, it was a minor situation. I saw a couple of them, but didn't have any land on me In addition, the hotels all have some sort of bug wipes or sprays in the room. If I did use anything, it was their stuff. Save your money and packing space and use the ones supplied. The lack of mosquito bites wasn't because they don't like me. Like you, I usually get attacked regularly if they are present. By the way, I enjoyed my two trips this winter (Yellowstone and Antarctica). I haven't stopped in to write up a review yet. I am getting settled in Florida for a few months before my two months in London. I'll get in soon and give my thoughts on the two most recent trips. They are probably a bit different than most I have read in the past, but we all see things differently. It was interesting to sit down at the airport in Buenos Aires and spend time talking to others who took the Antarctica tour and compare notes, especially when some were repeat Taucktourians and others were first timers. I am meeting some new Yellowstone friends to take in a spring training Yankees game and dinner next week. I also have some Antarctica friends who are visiting close to me in Florida and we'll get together also. It is nice to make some long term friends from these trips. Enjoy your African adventure. It is my #1 ranked Tauck tour, by far!!!! I have been on six of them now and I was asked to rank them. Tanzania and Kenya is number one by a large margin. The rest are all very close.

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  • What to do in Bellagio?

    #4 Posted : Sunday, March 01, 2015 1:45:46 PM


    I have traveled to Bellagio in June 2012 and stayed at Villa Serbelloni (independent of Tauck) and stayed there 5 days. It really is exquisite and thought I would share a few places visited to help you with your stay. Restaurants... Cava turacciolo - winery and wine bar. This is a tiny restaurant. Check out their website and if interested, be sure to get a reservation asap. The owner is very entertaining and it was a great experience of food and wine. La Punta - Panoramic terrace with lake views. Bilarus - a favorite of locals. Salice Blu - About 1 mile outside the town of Bellagio via taxi. Took a private cooking class with the chef/owner, Luigi. Al Cantinone (MILAN) - Via Agnello. Traditional Milanese cuisine. To do..... Villa Carlotta - Tremezzo has musical concerts (sadly we missed this). Villa Balbianello - Beautiful villa featured in Casino Royale and Star Wars Attack of Clones. You can take this trip Through Bellagio Water Taxi. They have several trips a day... book early am Hope this helps in your planning. The town is beautiful and I'm sure whatever you choose will be wonderful. Happy travels. Suzanne

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