• Has Tauck Admin misplaced their Reply button?

    #5 Posted : Thursday, April 24, 2014 3:06:36 AM


    Hi Rod, I know Tauck HQ has put a lot of effort into the Australian connection in the past year, going so far as to embed one of their staff into that unmentionable Sydney connection for 6 weeks or so. I can only assume that international agency agreements are very mysterious and that they last a long time! I can't imagine anyone who's had any dealings with those who shan't be named would ever do so, knowingly and willingly, again. Of course, it works both ways. Tauck are dealing with many more in-bound tourists than they used to and I'm sure it must be very helpful to have a local agent to co-ordinate the American bubble that provides a very fleeting peek at Australia. And further, if local knowledge can encourage Tauck to take pictures of naive foreigners manhandling marsupials out of their brochures, I'm all for it. I would much rather they cuddle a Sarcophilus harrisii. But that's another story and evolution takes time. Like you, I've seen the ads on SBS for that other travel company who deal in European river boat trips. I gave up checking them out when I couldn't find the cost of a single occupancy cabin, commensurate with a Tauck cabin on a similar trip. All too hard to find a bottom line price when you have to add deck surcharge after this & that surcharge and still not find that illusive single, all inclusive price. Could I find the details of land accommodation? Hotel supplements? Of course I couldn't. Not even the promise of unlimited grog can dispel the vision of a boatload of ageing kontiki frequent flyers. I know. I'm being unnecessarily harsh. But the other tour crowd just just can't match Tauck's value for money. Or frankly, their class. It was much easier to make phone contact with Tauck on the free phone number when you just had to get up early or stay up late to coincide with NY time. Of course, you have to contend the States being behind us, so that bright, weekend idea, and Monday morning call from Australia to the States will go on deaf ears … because it's still Sunday. Still, I guess I'll stick with the Tauckres addy I have and/or the phone. If I make myself a little hamper, maybe I can get up early enough to make the call! Have fun on your trips. And let me know if you find out what a Tauck shrill is. Maybe that's something a bogan would know about? Cheers, Jan

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    #29 Posted : Thursday, April 24, 2014 1:31:08 AM


    Dear Sharon, We are going on the Blue Danube cruise May 23 and would love the see the travel guide for Prague and Budapest. We are going early to see more of Prague and staying over in Budapest as well. Thank you very much. My email is sheila@sheilamorgan.com

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  • Laundry on MS Treasures

    #4 Posted : Wednesday, April 23, 2014 7:47:56 PM


    As soon as I posted I guessed this would come up and I'm now frantically looking to see if I still have it. In the meantime I'm sure if you contact Tauck they can send you one. In the meantime I'll have a look and see if I transferred the list over to my new computer. I will respond again soon.

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Travelers from all over the world remember their trip to Florence as an experience of exceptional beauty and creativity. But as is often the case, it’s impossible to do the city justice on a two- or three-day stay. So going beyond the surface to explore the city’s wondrous layers with the help of charismatic locals - is the very mission...

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Linda and John Izzard recently celebrated 14 years of marriage – fourteen years that might never have come to pass had the two not traveled independently on a trip Hawaii with Tauck in 1999. Linda headed there from New York City, where she’d had a less-than-healthy winter: her boss had said, “Do us a favor; go someplace warm.&rdqu...

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