• Galapagos footwear

    #7 Posted : Tuesday, November 25, 2014 11:25:09 PM


    I can answer this one, too! Pretty much whatever you had saved that was clean. I wore my one pair of scrappy sandals, capris and one of two "nicer" tops I'd packed. Day wear for exploring really was the practical walking shoes, shorts or rolled up trousers for wading in, covered arms against the sun and a hat with a chin strap. For the last dinner back at the hotel in Guayaquil I wore a cotton over-shirt (as a loose, light jacket). As an expedition trip, people dressed in casually appropriate gear. We were all glad to wash off the dust and dirt of the day before dinner and to change into clean (cleaner, possibly!) clothes. We all looked stunning! Cheers, Jan

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  • Tauck not allowing travelers to swim in hot springs or ocean in Antarctica??

    #2 Posted : Tuesday, November 25, 2014 11:15:13 PM


    I'm having some difficulty in understanding quite what you're getting at. You do understand that Tauck do not own, let alone control, Antarctica, don't you? There are very strict International rules for all aspects of human intervention & interaction in Antarctica & the sub-Antarctic. My guess is that would include swimming in the waters of and adjacent to Deception Island. There are very strict rules and protocols for the decontamination of any materials that land on Antarctica or its ice shelfs or the adjacent waters and that's after defining exactly what can land. Judging by the smell of the stuff I walked my boots & walking pole through this year, not to mention the complete decontamination process of my clothes before I left the ship in the first place, I don't think your body would appreciate the re-boarding "cleansing" process terribly much ... even if Tauck was so all-powerful as to have made the rules in the first place. Even Tauck, or more logically the Captain of the ship Tauck uses for this Antarctic expedition, has to follow international protocols under the Antarctic Treaty System.

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  • Classic Italy in October 2015

    #1 Posted : Tuesday, November 25, 2014 8:25:27 PM


    My husband and I are planning on signing up for the Classic Italy trip in October 2015. Any suggestions on visiting Positano from Sorrento? How would we get there? Is there enough time to visit?

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Louis Armstrong once said, “Every time I close my eyes blowing that trumpet of mine – I look right in the heart of good old New Orleans... It has given me something to live for.” Although he hit it big in Chicago in the 1920s and later became a legend throughout the world, Armstrong was a New Orleans native. To me, “Satchmo&...

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It was a great honor to have special guest D-Day veteran Lieutenant Irwin Stovroff sail with us to Normandy on "Rendezvous on the Seine" this summer; meeting him and hearing about his experiences was by far the highlight of the trip for guests and our team alike. The day before we arrived at the D-Day beaches, Irwin told the group his gripping stor...

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