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    Hi Alan, Skyteam and all that stuff is double Dutch to me. 747 anything like that, I would have no clue other than I flew in a plane. My husband can recognize a small dot in the sky and tell you what type of plane it is! That and his amazing general knowledge for just about anything is why I married him. Remember, my trip I just did was Tanzania only, so no need to go anywhere near Nairobi. When we did the K and T tour we were under the impression from Tauck that if we used them we had no other way to go but through Detroit. Several Tauck trips on we are much wiser and knew we could fly Newark to Amsterdam and then Arusha. Coming back we began in Dar Es Salaam to Amsterdam then Newark. So basically what we did was to. Look up the flights we wanted to take and called Tauck and they booked them for us, but we did not pay until 60 days before. In the old days when interest was like 7 percent on a savings account, that added up as quite a chunk of money you could earn in your account when you are paying for flights about a year in advance, rather than handing it over at time of booking. I guess now it's zilch but the flexibility of changing the flight etc is so much better. So, the price for the flights will be what Tauck sees on the internet, just like you, no special deal. We have booked other flights with Tauck this way. Perhaps you could call them to check my info is correct. MONEY --- it seems advice has changed about dollar notes. Last time in K and T, advice was take small denomination notes. And even up to the day we left this trip, very current guide books said the same. But when we got there our tour director said exactly the opposite, they like big bill denominations because they get a better rate when converting them. It also seems that things you bought for a few dollars before are now more money anyway. We were always given change in dollars, never saw any Tanzania money. We were given a torn and stuck back together note somewhere along the way and then could not get rid of it. It's gone now! ELECTRICS??!! Could anyone who has been on the Kenya and Tanzania trip recently update the forum on whether the outlets in Kenya had square or round pins? After all the discussion it really would be nice to be clear what is correct for others reading the forum. GO PRO--- were people able or use them on the balloons? On the ones in Tanzania we were let no where near the basket until the last minute and then we were hanging on for dear life until the balloon launched and we were upright. BALLOON FLIGHTS-- it seems it is much more common for the ballon flight to be cancelled in Kenya because of the wind problems, that is what happened on our K and at tour. On our Tanzania trip, they almost always are successful ,winds less of an issue. Our captain said they cannot go if the winds are over 8 knots. Our flight was at 6 knots.

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  • Vaccinations, etc.

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    Here is an article by Peter Greenberg, the TV and newspaper "travel expert" that you may find helpful: http://petergreenberg.com/2014/07/22/diseases-travelers-can-catch-popular-destinations/. When in doubt, follow CDC guidelines and check with your local travel clinic.

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  • Kruger Safari in August

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    In that case, the Elegant adventure is perfect for you. We were there in an August. My best tip is, it is very very cold at the beginning of the morning safaris, coat hat, gloves and use the blankets the guides provide until the sun gets warm. You do get the opportunity to do night safari, that is when the leopards were so near I could have reached out and touched them! Finding animals in all the brush is tough, so you won't see the quantity of wildlife that you would see in East Africa but you will get very up close and personal and more guarantee of seeing rhinos. Them when you get back home, book the Tanzania tour, it's a very different experience, we just got back from that tour.

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I was eighteen and ready for anything. But nothing had prepared me for my first sight of New England fall foliage aflame with colors, spread before me like an unexpected gift. Yes, I’d grown up in the San Francisco Bay Area and gone to school in the English countryside, so I was lucky enough to have always lived surrounded by natural beauty. ...

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